An Expert Told Us Exactly How Often We Should Wash Our Bras

We all know that lingerie is one of the most delicate items we own, and as such, it requires additional thought when it comes to cleaning. Unlike clothing, which literally has washing instructions laid out in black and white on the label, there's a big grey area surrounding bra care.

Should we simply throw them in the wash with similar colours, or should we be doing dedicated loads? Is hand-washing really the better option? And just how often should you wash your bras, anyway? We have lots of questions, so we decided to seek out the answers.

In an attempt to understand the washing etiquette of our smalls, we turned to an expert on the subject. Debora Ramos, La Perla's development manager (who has been with the lingerie giant for over 20 years), for her expert opinion on the matter. As it turns out, we've been making this whole bra-washing business a lot more complicated than need be...

Here is her definitive guide and tips on how often you should wash your bra and the best methods for doing so. 

1. Get Into a Routine

"Typically bras can be worn twice before they need to be washed," reveals Ramos. "As they have immediate contact with the skin, they need to be kept as hygienic as possible at all times. I recommend having three or four comfortable bras that you wear regularly, which should mean you're never left without a clean one to wear."

2. Hand Wash is Best

"As many of La Perla's designs are crafted using artisan heritage techniques and are incredibly delicate, I'd always recommend hand-washing. I even hand-wash my T-shirt bras, as I find it helps them keep their shape longer," says Ramos. 

3. Consider the Temperature

"Choosing the temperature can be tricky. Too cold and it won't clean the bras properly; too hot and you could risk damaging the fabric (and your hands!). Tepid water is the ideal solution," advises Ramos

4. If You Must Machine-Wash...

"I understand hand-washing might seem like a chore, so if you insist on machine-washing your bras, always ensure the hooks of the bra are fastened together to stop them from snagging the material or other garments," says Ramos. "Better yet, place them in a separate washing bag to keep them safe."

Now that you know exactly how to clean and care for your bras, take a moment to peruse these pretty styles.

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