These 21 Cute Beach Hats Are Summer Essentials

When you’re getting ready to hit the beach this summer, you’re just as concerned about your style as you are miles from the water. Just because your stilettos have turned into slide sandals and your bodysuits have turned into bikinis doesn’t mean you don’t want to look just as chic as you do every other day. And as such, it’s important that you don’t forget about your trusted accessories. You’ve gotten your hands on that lust-worthy carryall tote and you’ve amassed quite a collection of vintage-inspired sunglasses, but when it comes to final touches, your wardrobe could use a refresh. Might we suggest a hat? Functional and stylish, this beachside accessory will shield your face and eyes from the sun so you can maximize your sandy playtime, but it will also add to that je ne sais quoi you’ve been seeking.

This summer, it’s all about three specific kinds of stylish beach hats: wide-brimmed, baseball caps, and short-brimmed woven styles. Read all about why we love them below and shop our favorites here.


This season, it’s the bigger, the better, when it comes to your woven floppy beach hats. Inspired by the Jacquemus runway, designers are lusting after the most dramatic of shapes and silhouettes.

Baseball Caps

Athletic-inspired retro trends at its best, baseball caps were made for the beach. When you’re seeking that sporty vibe, grab your childhood favorite. We’re currently loving graphic logo styles well as hats made of interesting fabrics and textures.


Whether a fedora or boater, the shorter-brimmed hats are still holding strong, as we are looking to these styles when we want a slightly preppier vibe than bohemian. That said, this style doesn’t have to stick to tradition, as we seek out styles with brightly colored neon ribbons and patterned fastenings.

There’s a hat for every personality—and every occasion. Which one is your favorite?

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