4 Workout Outfits That Will Get You to Your 6 A.M. Spin Class

Free People Workout Clothes

It's always been hard for me to find the motivation to work out. I wish I could claim to be one of those girls who can't start her day without jumping out of bed and running a brisk five miles, but I'm more of a "stay in bed until I'm on the verge of being late" type of human.

I swear I've tried it all: making power playlists, booking the best classes, rewarding myself with delicious protein smoothies—you name it. But the only thing I've found that truly makes me excited about breaking a sweat is putting on a fun new workout outfit. 

So when I saw on my IG that an editor on my team attended a wellness event (with workouts by Melissa Wood, Y7, and 305 Fitness) at the 1 Hotel in Brooklyn, wearing the cutest pair of leggings I'd ever seen, I had to find out where they were from. Turns out her whole outfit is straight from Free People's Movement Collection (aka your new favorite activewear line). Naturally, I added her entire outfit (plus a few more pieces to get me motivated in my next ClassPass cycle) to my cart. Keep scrolling to see what made it…

Outfit 1:  

Outfit 2: 

Outfit 3: 

Outfit 4: 

Free People is hosting a whole series of fitness and wellness events over the next two months. The best part? Your new FP Movement outfit is included in the ticket price! Click here to find out if they’re coming to your city.

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