10 Current Trends That You Can Wear Until 2068

For us, there are two main types of trends. The first, the kind that aids in defining its zeitgeist. Think bell-bottom jeans, shoulder pads, platform creepers, and butterfly clips. All of these pieces bring you back to a very specific period in time when they did not feel costume-ish but rather of-the-moment. The second type of trend is the kind with a bit more staying power. Perhaps something that helps punctuate a period in time but doesn't necessarily define it; that meshes well with everything else going on.

Whether it's a certain type of floral pattern or a layering combination that feels fresh (e.g., dress over pants), these types of trends are the ones that tend to find a semi-permanent home in our wardrobes. Not only because they're versatile, but because we know we'll wear them again, which conveniently brings us to the topic of today's spotlight. We set out to find at least 10 current trends that we know for (almost) certain will still feel relevant in 50 years. From a fun, flattering sunglasses shape to a dress style that feels enduringly chic, scroll down to see our predictions and shop our picks you can wear well through 2068.

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