15 Hair Staples That Absolutely Save My 4C Curls Once Winter Hits



This one is dedicated to all my natural-haired girls with tight curls who persevere through the winter months when their hair puts up a fight. I, like so many others, began my natural-hair journey will high hopes but very little idea of how to manage my hair year-round. Winter posed the biggest challenge. The moment the temperature dropped, my hair would suddenly become dry, brittle, and hard to maintain. As the seasons change, it's important to keep in mind that your hair goes through changes as well, so it's smart to alter your routine to reflect it. 

When the cold hits, hair can become extremely prone to breakage, dullness, and dryness. This is especially common for anyone with naturally curly and coily hair, as it depends on almost constant moisture to stay healthy and happy. But remember, hope is not lost! Adding the right products to your winter haircare routine can make a major difference in how your hair looks and feels.

Read on to discover which editor-approved shampoos, conditioners, oil, and masks will keep your curls popping all winter long. 

Creams and Gels

This ultra-hydrating, cream-based hair gel by Adwoa uses a blend of all-natural oils to elongate, moisturize, and define curls without adding any pesky dryness or crunch.

Briogeo's leave-in cream targets dry, damaged, and frizzy hair with a powerful blend of rosehip oil, algae extract, and B vitamins for stronger, healthier curls.

Here's an oil-rich styling cream that provides curl-enhancing moisture, penetration, and hold while preventing breakage using rosemary-leaf extract, Kahai oil, and shea butter.

Suited for all curl types, this shea butter–based styling cream helps define curls with botanical extracts to encourage long-lasting moisture and jojoba esters to strengthen and seal your strands.




Use this deep-conditioning mask—which is formulated with a blend of rosehip oil, algae oil, and B vitamins—to strengthen damaged, dry hair and prevent further damage to your curls.

Thank God It's Natural gives your hair the VIP treatment it deserves by deep-conditioning your hair with raw honey and olive oil to add and seal in moisture, leaving your hair shiny and soft.

This ultra-hydrating mask by Crown Affair can be used weekly to hydrate your curls without weighing them down as well as encourage their natural elasticity, smoothness, and fullness. 

Are you transitioning your hair? Pattern's Transition Mask nourishes your growing curls with white tea and manuka honey to help your new growth maintain moisture balance, reduce shedding, and prevent breakage.



Shampoos and Conditioners

Looking for a trustworthy leave-in conditioner? This one by Thank God It's Natural adds definition, replenishes moisture, and provides nonstop shine—all while reducing split ends and promoting growth.

SheaMoisture's Strengthen & Restore Shampoo and Conditioner use a formula of Jamaican black castor oil and apple cider vinegar to promote hair growth, balance pH, and reduce the likelihood of split ends on happy, healthy hair.

This ultra-hydrating shampoo-and-conditioner duo by Carol's Daughter will cleanse and moisturize your curls with a blend of rosemary, aloe, and shea butter to combat breakage and dryness.

This ultra-moisturizing leave-in serum and conditioner by JVN Hair, founded by Queer Eye star and hairstylist Johnathan Van Ness, is a must-have during winter months to protect glorious 4c curls from damage, split ends, and breakage.




Olaplex's hair oil encourages peak shine, softness, and strength while minimizing flyaways and protecting your hair against heat damage with ingredients that include grape-seed oil and fermented green tea oil. 

With an all-natural blend of 11 essential oils, this Righteous Roots product offers all-day hydration, strengthens breaking hair, and calms itchy scalps with Jamaican castor oil, jojoba, tea tree, and argan.

Worried about oil that leaves buildup? Pattern's Jojoba Hair & Scalp Oil Blend is a lightweight, residue-free formula that fights against breakage, helps your hair maintain moisture, and eases any itchiness or flaking (a treasure trove for us natural girls).