These Under-$50 Coats Are Seriously Good Value

My boyfriend and I really only have one point of contention, and it’s very much centered around the thermostat. Jake runs H-O-T, and while this means I’m often forced to wear a sweatshirt inside our apartment (during summer), I think the worst part is knowing that this continual desire to be 10 degrees cooler means he never gets to enjoy the glorious experience of being cozy.

For me (and all sane persons), fall is the season of peak wardrobe-related comfort. Jake may never the know the joy we get upon entering a Uniqlo, that rainbow Eden of pure snugness, and how it's second only to the joy of pulling your duvet off the bed to watch movies on the couch. While I’m rolling about destroying perfect piles of ultra-soft fleece and cashmere and merino, Jake is flinching at my suggestion of winter-weight sheets and searching the racks for his favorite breathable trousers. It makes me sad for him.

Desperate for the company of some like-minded humans, I implored three of my fellow editors to share their current favorite “cozy is king” fall outfits starring their new-season purchases/things they're buying after payday + under-$40 fleece styles care of our mates at Uniqlo. The brief: All outfits must feel like they’re giving you a big hug.