This Power Couple's Style Is Viral on TikTok—Here Are the Items They Swear By



As a fashion girl, I dream about my future partner having great style. Don’t you love it when you see a couple and their sense of fashion just works together? Apparently, I’m not the only one who has a thing for well-dressed couples. Cass Dimicco—content creator, creative director, and co-founder of Aureum Collective—and her husband, Aureum Collective co-founder Matthew Hoyle, showed off their next-level couple style on TikTok, and it went viral.

I’m talking about 1.6 million views of the two galavanting around Europe in outfits that complement each other perfectly and, yes, were impeccably styled. Cass is known for her chic way of putting looks together, but who knew her other half was also a fashion icon? Once I saw this adorable video of this well-dressed husband and wife, I had to chat with both Cass and Matt about the pieces they wore in the video and what they brought with them on their European summer travels. The couple was just as charming when we spoke as they are on TikTok, and since Cass posted her original TikTok, she’s made another, and I hope she keeps showing off their super-elevated style. 

Keep scrolling to see which products gained Cass and Matt their one million+ TikTok views.



Cass’s picks:

“I’ve been very into a little ’90s Sex and the City Manolo kitten heel. You can buy them new, but I have been getting mine on The RealReal.”

“I think that these are super classy and cute when you style them in a more dressed-up kind of way, and they’re super comfortable.” 

“I feel like everywhere in Europe is cobblestones, and you can’t really wear heels all the time. Sometimes, it can look so cute when you’re dressed up and you pair it with a simple thong sandal. It helps balance it and make the look a little bit more effortless.”

“I have these in three colors. I think they look so good with everything. You can wear them with a bathing suit, or you can dress them up with a really cute top, so they are a must.”

“I’m not quite sure what I would call this aesthetic—this prairie yet edgy vibe—but I loved this maxi skirt.”

“I’ve been very into a sleek ’90s midi skirt. There’s one from Anine Bing that I have been wearing, and I feel like that one is super cute.”

“Of course, I had to include a pair of Lello x Aureum sunnies.”

“I have been very into chunky rings. They’re the number one thing I’ve been loving lately. I would say our Nova Ring is our most versatile classic ring. I love simple outfits and then jazzing it all up with really cool statement jewelry.”

“I think this bag looks so cute with every outfit. It has a lot of room in it, so Matt always shoves all of his stuff in there. It doesn’t have to be YSL, but I love the look of a really cute little basket bag.”

“I really love a white tube maxi dress. I know Hailey Bieber wore a similar dress. It’s just a super-cute, effortless look.”



Matt’s picks:

“These shirts are perfect. They’re really classy, and I love the navy blue. I try to stay away from black, so I mostly wear navy blue for those kinds of polos.”

“These were one of my favorite things I brought on both of our trips because they're high waisted, they’re classic, and they’re linen, so they’re loose fitting and pair great with a dry shirt. They’re a staple that you can dress up with anything, like a blazer or a polo. These were probably my number one.”

“I worked both of these shoes in with basically everything. Summer suede is kind of a cool concept. Usually, you see more suede in the fall and winter.”

“These ones got a lot of comments on TikTok, ranging from loving them to hating them. I have them in pink and navy. They’re a vibe. They're a dress pant that’s a little more trendy with the Thom Browne stripes. I didn’t want to be too formal in Europe, so I love these.”

“I brought this on my last trip. I thought this shirt would be perfect for Tuscany. I got the inspiration from being in Italy and seeing how the people there dress and how their style is so effortless and nonchalant. Everyone is in a dress shirt with their sleeves rolled up. It’s very casual, and everyone looks comfortable in their clothes. So I loved this dress shirt with white pants—something comfortable and linen to wear when it’s hot.”

“This jacket has an interesting story. I wore it to our wedding last year. We got married actually in the same place we shot the Lello x Aureum collaboration. So it was definitely a special moment for us to be back there. When I bought this tuxedo jacket, I thought I would never wear it again. Then, this summer comes around, and I’m wearing it basically every time I go out in Europe, so I certainly got a lot of use out of it.”

“This is a summer suit with elastic instead of a regular suit closure on the waist, so it’s very comfortable and all linen. It was great when we were in Capri, and it was super hot. I could just throw this on.”

“This is just a classic, great-fitting cotton shirt.”

“These pants have drawstrings on them. I guess you could say my wardrobe theme for this trip was more casual, more sprezzatura, which is how they dress in Italy. You can still be a little fancy or formal, but overall, it’s more casual, it’s comfortable, and it’s still elegant looking.”

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