The 7-Piece Fall Wardrobe of Scandinavia's Finest

Copenhagen style



In years past, the wardrobes of the coolest fashion girls have grabbed the attention of everyone in the industry. Whether it’s the French, It Brits, or Italians, their stylish outfits have inspired us and countless others to dress just like them. Recently, though, a whole new set of fashion girls have been grabbing our attention: the Scandis.

Copenhagen Fashion Week just wrapped, so the style among the Scandinavian set is top of mind, but it goes far beyond that. The fashionable Pernille Teisbaek has been on our radar for years while up-and-comers like stylist Emili Sindlev have caught our attention more recently.

All the more interesting is that outfits from Copenhagen and other parts of Scandinavia have made a shift in recent years, introducing a second wave of style from the region that’s evolved from purely minimalist. The shift is to something more colorful and experimental—a clear change that the fashion world can’t currently get enough of. If you’re interested in tapping into their cool style, look ahead: I’m breaking down the essential pieces to get their looks.

Minimal Heels
Scandinavian wardrobe essentials: minimal heels



Minimalism is still a hallmark of Scandinavian style, but it’s often mixed with interesting silhouettes. Try it for yourself by pairing some sleek heels with a voluminous sweater.

Sorbet Shades
Scandinavian wardrobe essentials: sorbet shades



Fall may not sound like the time to wear your pastels, but don't pack them away just yet. According to the Scandi set, all sorbet shades are welcome.

Tiger Print
Scandinavian wardrobe essentials: tiger print



Animal prints like tiger have exploded for fall, and we saw them everywhere during Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Snakeskin Boots
Scandinavian wardrobe essentials: snakeskin boots



Another animal print you'll find in the Scandi wardrobe? Snakeskin. Try mixing it into your wardrobe with a pair of statement boots.

Chunky Knits
Scandinavian wardrobe essentials: chunky knits



Copenhagen girls are masters at dressing for cold weather. Chunky knits are staples in their wardrobes, but they make them look cool with simple styling ideas, such as tucking them into cuffed trousers.

Scandinavian wardrobe essentials: corduroy



Corduroy is another cold-weather standby you're sure to spot on the fashion set in Copenhagen.

New-Age Sneakers
Scandinavian wardrobe essentials: new-age sneakers



When it comes to sneakers, the chunkier the better.

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