9 Sneakers Almost Too Cute to Wear to the Gym


(Image credit: @adidasoriginals)

Sneakers are way more than just workout shoes these days. With so many cool and covetable pairs on the market, they’re getting a lot more attention as cult-favorite footwear rather than simply the shoes you throw on to go for a run. For many, they serve as a stylish and comfortable solution for weekend dressing, and they make the occasional appearance at the gym.

Lately, we’ve actually seen so many pairs that are way too pretty to workout in and have begun to resemble our fancier dress shoes. But if the gym is a cornerstone of your weekly routine, we’ve got you covered with the sneakers you’ll want to wear to your workout and beyond. Thanks to the growing athleisure trend, activewear brands offer really stylish options. So to narrow down your hunt for the coolest sneakers to wear (or not wear) to the gym, we’re sharing our top nine picks.

Scroll down to find your next pair of cute workout shoes.

Michelle Scanga
Managing Editor
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