7 Sneaker Brands You Recognize (But Can't Name)


Collage Vintage

You know a thing or two about sneaker. You've rocked Stan Smiths or Converse or Cortez (or maybe all three). You've mastered the art of pulling them off at work, but you know when to whip them out on the weekends too. In today's sneaker-obsessed culture, there exists a set of classic sneaker brands that will have a spot in your closet no matter the passing trend. But while the icons of sneakerdom will never truly fade out, there's something to be said for keeping an eye on another important sector of the sneaker world: the brands that fly under the radar.

From indie lines with a cult following to clothing brands with an unexpectedly good mastery of footwear, we're rounding up seven places to pick up a cool pair of sneakers that, odds are, not a single one of your friends will show up wearing. They're the sneaker brands that fashion insiders line up right alongside their Nikes and Adidas, and their shoes are seriously cool. Curious to check out seven of our low-key favorites? You can shop them all below!