7 Cool Shorts to Replace Your Denim Cutoffs

Okay, okay, while I’d never banish my denim cutoff shorts entirely out of my warm-weather wardrobe—they are a trusty and versatile summer staple, after all—I will say that I’ve been relishing in a myriad of other trending shorts styles the new season has to offer. From long tailored suit shorts—a trend we saw all over the S/S 20 runways—to casual sweatshorts and bike shorts that we’ve been spotting all over Instagram, there are plenty of seriously cool options that will make you forget your basic cutoffs even existed.

Below, I’m highlighting some of my favorite trending styles if you already have denim-shorts fatigue. See how fashion girls have been wearing theirs, and shop the coolest picks on the market.


Now that our desire for comfort is at an all-time high as we continue working and staying at home, one of the most popular styles that have arisen this season are sweatshorts. Think retro-inspired styles in versatile hues such as gray, white, and black. 



Long Tailored Shorts

Long shorts in tailored silhouettes dominated on the S/S 20 runways paired with everything from blazers to tube tops. They exude a relaxed sophistication and will unquestionably add a touch of polish to all your summer tops. Opt for a high-waisted pair in a neutral hue for utmost versatility.

Bike Shorts

As the temps rise, replace your leggings with trending bike shorts—a style we've seen all over Instagram lately. They're surprisingly versatile, pairing well with everything from oversize button-downs to cropped tops. 



Nylon Running Shorts

Whether you're actually running or just lounging, athletic nylon shorts are having a major moment right now, and there are plenty of cute colors and styles to suit every sartorial taste. Luxury designers such as Prada have even gotten in on the action.



Knit Shorts

While we don't tend to associate warmer knits with summer, the cozy fabric is trending this warm-weather season, perhaps because of our desire to wear something cute, comfortable, and cozy at home in summer. Matching knit shorts sets, in particular, have been in the spotlight, but a pair of neutral knit shorts are also easy to wear with lively prints and bold tops.

Linen Shorts

Lightweight linen shorts are made for summer. They're chic, easy to wear, and breathable. They also look great with everything from sneakers to lace-up sandals, button-down shirts, and bikinis. 



Boxer Shorts

Yes, you read correctly. Boxer shorts have fast become a fashion-girl favorite over the past few months, and if there were ever a time we could get away with wearing the comfy undies, it's now while we're working, lounging, and staying mostly at home. Pair with a chic button-down (and blazer!) or your equally comfy basics.