I'm Not Dating Anyone, But I'm Already Planning My Honeymoon Outfits

Let me start out by telling you that I’m not seriously dating anyone right now. But that hasn’t stopped me from thinking about a wedding one day (yes, I’ll admit there are secret Pinterest boards that exist for that) and a honeymoon to follow. I’ll blame it in part on my inclination for being a romantic, but I also have a perpetual sense of wanderlust that has me plotting vacations at any given time. I am a Sagittarius, after all, and we’re known as adventurous travelers and explorers of the world.

So as friends and friends of friends have gotten married, I’ve taken notice of the places they’ve traveled on their honeymoons, including spots close to home and far-flung locations across the world, and I’ve jotted them down for future travel plans. And whether I end up heading to them for a honeymoon of my own or even embarking on an Eat, Pray, Love–style solo trip, I already have outfits in mind to wear for each destination. Ahead see the top travel spots on my list and see the outfits inspiring me for each location.


If there’s one location everyone is talking about right now, it’s Montenegro. The next-door neighbor of Croatia, it’s less discovered but just as beautiful. If you’re looking for an insider tip, book a room at Aman Sveti Stefan and arrange a boat to explore the picturesque coastline.


Most of Italy is oozing with romance, but the Amalfi coast is tailor-made for honeymooners. From cliffside lunches with pasta and local limoncello to beaches spotted with colorful umbrellas, it’s the perfect place to spend a week or two. Do yourself a favor and book a room at Le Sirenuse or Hotel Santa Caterina—and make sure to pack lots of swimsuits.


For a trip closer to the states, head to Cabo in Mexico for relaxing days spent by the beach. Check into Esperanza for ocean views and make a reservation for dinner at Flora Farms. Then fill your suitcase with pretty summer dresses.

French Riviera

Nothing sounds quite as romantic as a trip over to the South of France. We’d be booking a Hotel Les Roches Rouges (a favorite among fashion girls) and renting a vintage car to drive along the coastline. Oh yes, and packing lots of cute skirts and sandals.

Honeymoon outfits Greece


Sabina Socol

If you want to soak up the sun but you also want to visit some historic places, Greece is for you. Our eyes are on the beautiful Amanzoe resort, where we would be bringing lots of swimsuits.

More on summer travel style right this way.

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