These Gardening Looks Are Chicer Than Ever

While gardening might yield some of the most beautiful blooms you’ve ever seen, the actual act of planting and tending is less than glamorous. We love our time in the garden in an almost meditative way, and yet it’s no joke that our gardening outfits are quickly fit for little else. After days of kneeling in the dirt, wiping our hands on our pants, and carrying too many materials right against our chest, our whites have turned dusty rose and our denim a subtle shade of green.

While the dirtying of our apparel might be inevitable, there are still some pieces we are willing to sacrifice in the name of gardening. While we have separate white tees and vintage jeans that don’t go far beyond our plants, pieces like pool slides, dark-hued tops, and hats do double duty all summer long.

As the month of June kicks off with National Gardening Week, we’re rounding up our favorite looks to wear when you’re prepping your garden—large or small—for the coming season. From overalls to leggings and tanks, here are the cutest gardening outfits that you’re going to want to show off.

Gardening has never looked so fashionable.