9 Cool Cutout Sneakers You Need for Summer 

We first introduced you to cutout sneakers last year, but now, we're bubbling the trend back up again. Why? Because to be quite frank, "sneakdals", as we first dubbed them, are the perfect shoes to wear this summer—not to mention that they continue to pop up in the footwear section of some of our favorite retailers. So they must be good, right? Now, if you're unfamiliar with sneakdals, they are, as the name suggests, a sneaker/sandal hybrid and merge together two must-have summer footwear elements—the comfort of practical running shoes with the breathability of sandals.

As is with any trend, there are variations of it, ranging from a piece with a subtler take on it to one that's a bit more daring. So if you've been meaning to dip your toes (and slip your feet) into a pair of cutout sneakers but you're not quite sure where to start, consider one with a more understated design. But if you're feeling bold, we suggest trying a style that's completely deconstructed.

Ahead we've assembled a collection of some of our favorite cutout sneakers (in an array of price points) that will have your feet looking and feeling cool. And even if you're not thinking of purchasing a pair, they're worth a look because they are true works of art.