10 Non-Lame Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

We’ve covered the best group costumes, chicest costumes, and easy costumes, and even got the Queen of Halloween, Lauren Conrad, to weigh in on her favorite costume ideas. So what’s left? The classic couples costume. But we’re not talking about the predictable, mindless costumes that we see year after year (sorry, Mickey and Minnie). These Halloween couples ideas are more original and memorable by a mile, and we found exactly what you need to re-create them with your partner in crime.

The beauty of a couples costume, aside from making the planning process much more fun, is that it gives your Halloween look context. A costume that would’ve been much more subtle on its own makes a huge impact with a partner to complement it, so without further ado...

Whether you prefer an artsy approach or something that’s guaranteed to get a laugh, click through to find the dynamic duo you two are going to emulate this Halloween.

What were you for Halloween last year? Let us know in the comments below, then check out the most popular Halloween costume of 2016.

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