'90s-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas You'll Love

With so many Halloween costume ideas floating around on the internet these days, sometimes it’s nice to step back and look to the past for inspiration—especially if you’re seeking a hard-to-achieve ounce of originality on what has become a major holiday. So in honor of the recent resurgence of ’90s trends and style, what better way to get there than with a roundup of ideas from (arguably) one of the coolest decades? That’s right—today we’re bringing you 17 of our favorite ’90s-inspired costume ideas that will make you the coolest-dressed person on Halloween (with the least effort). From Romy and Michele to Britney Spears circa "…Baby One More Time” to the original emo chick Daria, at the very least these will have you taking a trip down memory lane. Scroll down to check out these easy-to-copy ’90s costumes.

Cher and Dionne


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While Iggy Azalea’s spot-on rendition will be hard to live up to, we still think a Clueless costume is the perfect easy ’90s throwback. Whether you copy Cher or Dionne or dress up with a friend to channel both, just make sure you have a plaid blazer and plaid skirt on.



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Late singer Selena left an indelible mark on music, the '90s, and the Latinx community. Channel this iconic onstage looks of hers this Halloween with a disco-inspired shimmery jumpsuit and her signature hoop earrings.

Wednesday Addams


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If you think you can get away with not smiling all day, consider channeling the morose Wednesday Addams. All you need is a black dress, a white collar, and sleek braids.

A Spice Girl


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This costume is ideal if you can find four willing friends to accompany you, but the Spice Girls have such distinct and recognizable personas that no matter who you choose, any ’90s kid will instantly appreciate the idea.

Romy and Michele


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Grab your best friend and channel the dynamic duo of Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. What you’ll need: a sparkly choker necklace; shiny, statement-making minidresses (DIY, anyone?); and matching heeled mule sandals.

Angela Chase


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To look like Angela Chase or any member of her crew from My So-Called Life, we suggest going heavy on all ’90s trends. There’s no specific costume to follow; just load up on plaid, floral-print, high-waisted Levi’s, and other grungy-cool pieces. Extra points if you can score a crochet vest à la Claire Danes.



(Image credit: Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

Okay, so technically this J.Lo look was from the year 2000 (at the MTV VMAs, to be specific), but we think it shows off her epic '90s hip-hop style perfectly. The key elements include a white bandana, hoop earrings, and a cropped tank top.

Winona Ryder


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We’re totally into this look for everyday, not just Halloween. But if you decide to be ’90s-era Winona Ryder this year, try combining a Ramones tee with high-waisted Levi’s and a leather belt.



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The Baywatch costume is sure to stand out. If you’re not comfortable spending the night in a red one-piece (fair), we suggest covering up a little more with denim shorts.

Destiny's Child


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Grab a few of your friends and remake your favorite '90s/'00s band Destiny's Child. A matching set and loads of accessories are the keys here (actual singing and dancing talent not necessary).

Clarissa Darling


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To re-create Melissa Joan Hart’s look in Clarissa Explains It All, mix and layer every print in your closet, whether it’s polka dots, paisley, stripes, or plaid. Finish off your outfit with a side ponytail and Dr. Martens.



(Image credit: Mtv/Kobal/Shutterstock)

Beloved cartoon character Daria conveniently wore the same thing every day, so this costume’s a no-brainer. Shop for round glasses, a green jacket or blazer, a pleated black skirt, and combat boots to make sure you’re instantly recognizable.

Josie Geller


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Who could forget Josie’s feathery white outfit in Never Been Kissed? While the costume version doesn’t require you walking around with a lunch tray, for maximum impact, we do suggest imitating her hairstyle as closely as possible. It goes without saying that finding a blouse with feathery sleeves and a collar—or just accessorizing with a boa—is nonnegotiable.

Vivian Ward


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While this is one of the most iconic looks from Pretty Woman, if you prefer to have the larger portion of your waist concealed, we’d go with the polka-dot outfit that Julia Roberts’s character wears to the polo match. However, if you want to go for the figure-hugging cutout dress, don’t forget to accessorize with thigh-high boots and oversize hoop earrings.

Mia Wallace


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To channel the memorable Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction, all you need is a crisp white button-down and flared black trousers. If your hair doesn’t already happen to look like Uma Thurman’s in the film, we definitely suggest a cropped black wig with bangs.

Mary Jensen


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The one thing you need to channel Cameron Diaz’s character in There’s Something About Mary? You guessed it: hair gel—and lots of it. Other than that, any '90s-inspired top or cardigan will do.

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