'90s-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas You'll Love

With so many Halloween costume ideas floating around on the internet these days, sometimes it’s nice to step back and look to the past for inspiration—especially if you’re seeking a hard-to-achieve ounce of originality on what has become a major holiday. So, in honor of the recent resurgence of ’90s trends and style, what better way to get there than with a roundup of ideas from what is arguably one of the coolest decades? That’s right—today we’re bringing you 14 of our favorite ’90s-inspired costume ideas that will make you the coolest girl on Halloween (with the least effort). From Romy and Michele to Britney Spears circa “…Baby One More Time” to the original emo chick, Daria, at the very least these will have you taking a trip down memory lane. Scroll down to check out these easy-to-copy ’90s costumes.

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This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated by Anna LaPlaca.