The Classic Trainers I See Every 2 Minutes in London

A commute to work in London is like a fashion parade in disguise. I love spotting what real Londoners wear in their day-to-day lives and discovering trends that don't always pop up on my Instagram feed. It starts by seeing an item once or twice, and then all of a sudden it feels like said piece is taking over London.

Converse trainers are having a moment like this and have been for years. I can't walk down the street without seeing a pair around every corner. In Pret, on the tube, at the pub... They're unstoppable. Of course, Converse sneakers are one of the uncontested classics, but like any classic sneaker, every so often, they trend again.

It's no surprise that yet again they're the go-to for London's fashionable crowd. As the following outfits will prove, they still go with everything. From skirts to jeans and a tee, it's almost impossible to make converse look out of place. Keep scrolling to see how London's most stylish are styling their Converse this season…


A Pop of Colour
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: Opting for a yellow pair, we love how she keeps balances the colour pop of her shoes and House of Sunny coat with white denim.


Classic Jeans and Button-Down
(Image credit: @asos_lesley)

Style Notes: Classic and cool, Lesley opts for jeans and a button-down with her white trainers.


All Beige
(Image credit: @ropesofholland)

Style Notes: Lindsey proves that these even work with the beige-based outfits we're loving lately.


Fun Prints and Textures
(Image credit: @biancaffoley)

Style Notes: Always one to push style boundaries, Bianca pairs her trainers with a print skirt and biker jacket for the ultimate city-girl look.


Metallics and White Jeans
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: While the metallic puffer and neon handbag lean toward maximalist style, her high-tops and cropped jeans keep the overall look casual and relaxed.


A Jumpsuit and Teddy Coat
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: This three-step outfit works wonders. With a black jumpsuit as her base, she can have fun with colour blocking her teddy coat and trainers.


Leather Trousers and Camel Coat
(Image credit: Silvia Olsen)

Style Notes: The leather trousers nod to rock 'n' roll style while the camel coat keeps it looking elevated. It's all in the balance. 


Slip Skirt and Graphic Tee
(Image credit: @asos_ebony)

Style Notes: Ebony's relaxed slip skirt outfit is the epitome of summertime chill. Shout out to her ode to the Spice Girls.

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