The $60 Shoes I Swear By for Running Around All Day In


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If your days involve running around 24/7, I hear you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a workday or the weekend—I’ve just come to accept the hustle life. Given the fact that I’m running to meetings, errands, and whatever else, I’ve come to appreciate a really comfortable pair of shoes. Now, I’m going to be honest here: I’ve tested out a lot of shoes (sneakers specifically), and while I have a selection of decently comfortable options, I realized that there’s one pair that reigns supreme. Yep, that’d be my $60 Vans canvas sneakers.

Okay, yes, they totally may seem to deceive given the flat sole, but after you break them in a bit, they form to your feet and are surprisingly comfy. I recently wore them throughout a trip to Italy (where I walked like 20,000 steps per day) and felt no pain. Because of their practicality (they look cool with the old-school vibe), too, I rely on them when I’m racing around the city.

Other customers are right there with me, as evidenced by a slew of positive reviews at Nordstrom specifically. One person wrote, “I love these because they’re comfortable and versatile! You can’t go wrong with this comfy classic.” Preach.

What do you think? Have you tested out these sneakers before? Would love to know your thoughts and whether you see the same effect. And if you’re looking to try my favorite comfortable sneakers for the first time, keep scrolling for inspiration on how fashion girls are wearing the kicks, and then shop them as well. You won’t be disappointed.


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While heels would work here, the canvas sneakers feel even fresher.


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A sporty pair of socks combined with the trainers ties this elevated athleisure vibe together perfectly.


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Yep, this just might be the ensemble you want to live in all winter long with the furry coat, sweater, trousers, and Vans sneakers.


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Here’s proof that even casual canvas kicks can go with anything, even a floral-print dress.


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For a laid-back yet forward vibe, go for a loose suit, faux-fur coat, and those trusty sneakers.


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Even celebs like Rita Ora swear by Vans. Sidenote: This cozy all-black outfit is ideal for a day of running around.


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If you can wear sneakers to work (and have a day of running around on the calendar!), try them with a printed suit and sleek turtleneck.

Now, shop my favorite Vans sneakers:

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