Fashion Editors Gave Me a List of the Most Comfortable Shoes—They're These 7

Fashion Editors Gave Me a List of the Most Comfortable Shoes—It's These 5


@elizagracehuber; Pictured: Margaux The Demi Flats ($225)

Shopping for the perfect pair of shoes often comes down to finding that balance between comfort and chicness. Sometimes, we, myself included, just end up settling for one or the other. But yes, function and fashion can mix when it comes to footwear. On that note, I asked my fellow fashion editors to share their go-to shoe pick that's not only forward and cool but also actually comfortable.

Below, you'll uncover the six shoe selects that are front-runners in the eyes of fashion editors, complete with intel on why. You'll notice everything from stylish loafers to top-notch sandal options. 

I also went through my favorite retailers to find other shoe options (non-sneakers for the purpose of this story) that are chic and appear to be quite comfortable based on customer reviews. I included the actual customer testimonials for the shoes in question below to showcase the styles further. Keep scrolling for more.

"If you asked me a year ago if I'd be suggesting a pair of ballet flats for everyday wear, I'd likely have rolled my eyes and scoffed. I was very anti-flats for a long time, preferring shoes with a slight heel for just the right amount of lift. But after the ballet-flats craze that's happened this year, I decided to give this Margaux suede pair that I got maybe a year or two ago and hadn't really worn yet another go. Pretty much ever since, I've worn them four to five times a week. They're so comfortable and go with everything. I've walked miles—like 10+—in them and haven't gotten a single blister."

"No matter the season, my classic penny loafers from G.H. Bass are always in heavy rotation. After just a few wears, they mold to your feet for the perfect fit that I swear makes them comfier to wear than half of the sneakers I own. Considering the brand was founded in 1876, it has clearly had the time to perfect them. To me, they're the ultimate high-quality, long-lasting wardrobe staple."

"These sandals have quickly become my go-to shoes when it comes to being on my feet all day but looking cute. From the first-ever wear, they were comfortable and required no breaking in. I want them in more colors now."

"I'm a Birkenstock convert, and living in L.A., I'm lucky enough to wear them year-round. They're the comfiest sandals to run around in. I own several pairs of the Arizona slides, and honestly, it's hard to wear any other sandals that even compare to their comfort level! I style them with everything from miniskirts to slip dresses and jeans, and they always manage to add a cool factor to my looks."

"When I'm not wearing sneakers, I'm wearing ballet flats. They're still comfortable but are better paired with more polished looks than sneakers. I wore these J.Crew flats all around Copenhagen and would happily do it all over again! If you're between sizes, I would recommend sizing up for the ideal comfortable fit. They come in so many different colors, including a pink satin version that won't leave my mind."

"I've had these classic Gucci loafers for what feels like a million years, and I could walk in them for miles. There's no break-in period, which is rare for leather shoes. They were a couple hundred dollars cheaper back when I bought them, but based on how much I've worn them, I'd say they're worth it even now."

"In the slide realm, the selection from Message are beyond comfortable. They're not stiff like many other sandals. This is a new design with the dyed knit. The brand also just launched socks, which would look so cool with these slides."

Next, check out more top-rated shoes to consider:

"These boots were a great buy, and I'd definitely recommend them. Bought them in black. Comfort: The boots are very comfortable. I have a 15-minute walk to work after getting off the train so I never have to switch shoes when I wear these."

"Very soft and comfortable boots—a great mix of combat yet feminine look at the same time—easy to dress up or down."


"OMG! These are miracle shoes, so super comfortable!" 

"The style (love the square toe), color (blush), comfort, perfection!"

"Love the style… Got lots of compliments. They are the right height with a soft insole."

"These are my favorite ballet flats. I was looking for an everyday ballet flat that I can wear to work or during the weekend with a pair of shorts and these are them. The toe is super feminine and they break into perfection after one wear. Looking forward to buying these in more colors."

"I've been looking for a pair of navy loafers like these for a few years. I got my loafers today. OMG!!! They feel like buttah inside and look amazing with jeans and all my work pants. I know they are expensive but completely worth it. I’ll be wearing them all the time."

"Love everything about it. It's comfortable, casual chic!"

"Love them, so comfy, and great looking."