Wearing These 3 Colors With Purple Will Make You Look Truly Innovative

Pantone’s color of 2018 might have been Ultra Violet, but when it came to actually incorporating it into our wardrobes and styling it with everything else we owned, there may have been a few hassles. Now, though, in the last months of the year, we've finally come to discover which colors look best with this moody hue, all thanks to our favorite influencers. So, if you haven’t already tried (and loved) this color trend, we’re here to share the three other colors that go with purple and that will make you look truly innovated. Sure, styling different shades of purple together to make a monochrome outfit of sorts will never fail, but we’re talking more about colors you might’ve never thought would go together until they did, or even prints that seem like they were made to be worn with purple.

So, that being said, our love for Ultra Violet will not fade with the coming year (and Pantone’s 2019 pick, Living Coral). On the contrary, we will only grow fonder now that we’re more acquainted with it. Who knows? Maybe we’ll even wear the two together, considering one of the colors we chose is Living Coral’s cousin. Want to add more color to your life and wardrobe? Scroll on ahead to get your bright and bold dose.

Wear red as an accent color to your purple monochrome look. 

See the world through red-colored lenses. 

See? Even on these sneakers, you can tell red goes with purple. 

Who doesn't need a classic red bag? 

Yes, prints come in many colors, but purple just so happens to go with the most of them. Try it out. 

Imagine these plaid shoes with a purple dress.

Combine this silk pants with a purple silk top and you're good to go. 

Take color blocking to a whole new level with not only different hues of purple but also a contrasting hit of orange.

If you're going to invest in a puffer jacket, make it an orange one.

Tie-dye is back, and it looks best in orange. 

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