Everyone in Paris, New York, and London Is Wearing This Surprising Accessory

Like clockwork, there are always a few staples that manage to come back every fall, but none are as popular as suiting separates. From relaxed trousers to waistcoats, every type of menswear-inspired item can be found on and off the runway. They have transcended time and trend cycles to become hero pieces for women and men around the globe. And while there's no denying the universality of something like a blazer, there's been one other surprising menswear piece recently gaining popularity: ties

Unlike other suiting separates, this accessory isn't as easy to style, yet it's managed to show up everywhere. We saw menswear ties in the fall/winter 2022 collections of various designers (e.g., Sportmax and Ralph Lauren) and on the celeb set (ahem, Zendaya). But more importantly, we've seen this trend worn by the fashion set. In fact, as we combed through street style images from Paris, London, Milan, and New York, it became clear that ties had taken over. 

But even with the confirmation that this micro-trend is now happening, we still wondered, How do you wear a tie? In search of an answer, we scoured Instagram to find 16 tie-outfit ideas that make embracing the accessory easy so that the only thing you'll have to worry about is learning how to tie it. 

Striped Button-Down + Tie + Trousers + Belt + Heels
Woman wearing men's tie, button down and trousers



Our editors knew ties were about to take over, and that's why assistant market editor Yusra Siddiqui donned one recently. We can't think of a better way to easily adopt this accessory than by taking a cue from this look and pairing a simple black tie with a striped button-down, trousers, and pointy heels. 

Shop the key pieces:

This black satin tie will fit seamlessly into any wardrobe. 

Button-Down + Tie + Dress + Sheer Socks + Mary Janes
Woman wearing collar top, tie and dress



Ties can sometimes give off grade-school energy, but that's not bad. Lean into it and pair a button-down with a printed tie, a dress, socks, and Mary Janes for a look that's worthy of an A+.

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Warning: Your partner may want to steal this tie from you. 

Shrug + Cropped Button-Down + Tie + Miniskirt + Loafers
Woman wearing cropped button down with tie and mini skirt



For a cooler take on this accessory, pair it with other trendy pieces like a cropped button-down shirt, a cargo miniskirt, a shrug, and chunky loafers.

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The best thing about this tartan-print tie is that it can be styled with everything from khaki trousers and an oversize button-down to a black blazer dress. 

Button-Down + Tie + Denim Jacket + Miniskirt + Loafers
Woman wearring button-down, tie, denim jacket, and denim skirt



One of the great things about this accessory is that it can make the staples that feel a little stale fresh again. Take, for instance, the denim jacket, miniskirt, and button-down in your closet. Adding a tie can make them feel brand-new. 

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This one comes in eight other colorways, including seafoam green, steel blue, and burnt orange. 

You can pair a black denim jacket with a tie in any hue. 

Leather Trench + Button-Down + Tie + Shorts + Sandals
Woman wearing leather trench, button-down, leather tie, hot shorts, and heels



What better way to show you've entered the "what's mine is yours" stage of your relationship than stealing their little black tie for date night? The key to convincing them to share it full-time is by styling it with a leather trench, a button-down shirt, shorts, and sandals. Once they see how great you look, they'll let you wear all their clothes. 

Shop the key pieces:

No, you're not dreaming. This is a leather tie. 

You'd never guess this coat wasn't designer. 

Houndstooth Blazer and Matching Tie + Button-Down + Jeans + Oxfords
Woman wearing houndstooth blazer, tie, button-down, and jeans



While investing in a black tie is the safest bet for embracing this trend, there is an even more fun way to wear this accessory—ahem, prints. Pairing a printed tie with a button-down, jeans, oxfords, and a matching (or contrasting) blazer is a surefire way to make this style pop while procuring a little pleasure in the process. 

Shop the key pieces:

Houndstooth is a standout print trend for fall, making this tie a great purchase. 

Finish off your look with a pair of bootcut jeans. 

Button-Down + Striped Tie + Striped Suit + Waistcoat
Woman wearing stripped suit with stripped tie and leather waistcoat



Speaking of prints, if you consider yourself a maximalist, then try pairing a printed suit with a printed tie. The key to pulling this off is to first opt for complementary prints. And secondly, make sure you've layered other separates into the mix (like a button-down or waistcoat) to break up the patterns. 

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Just imagine this paired with a tie—cute, right? 

Button-Down + Tie + Dress + Jeans + Platform Boots
Woman wearing button-down, men's tie, dress, and jeans



While ties may seem stuffy, the fashion set has shown this accessory can make a statement. There's, of course, the option to try a printed tie, but another way to prove the power of this piece is through layering. Simply throw a minidress or even a corset top over a button-down, a tie, and jeans for a bold look.

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Don't be afraid to opt for a tie in hue beyond black. 

Edwin's sustainably made denim is a must-shop. 

Oversize Button-Down + Leather Dress + Tie + Knee-High Boots
Woman wearing oversized button-down under leather dress and menswear tie



Not into extreme layering? Instead, try styling a button-down top underneath a leather minidress with a tie and knee-high boots. 

Shop the key pieces:

This classic narrow tie comes in navy, black, and maroon. 

Riding boots are the perfect shoes to pair with menswear separates. 

Button-Down + Sweater-Vest + Tie + Leather Skirt + Pointed Heels
Woman wearing button down top, tie, sweater vest, leather skirt, and heels



Dresses and trousers aren't the only bottoms that look good with ties—skirts do too. Take a midi skirt of your choosing and pair it with a button-down, tie, and vest for a look worthy of being worn regularly. 

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Okay, hear us out on this. Opting for a tie in pink is the perfect way to balance romantic and menswear-inspired design elements. 

Leather skirts are a must-have for any fall wardrobe. 

Button-Down + Tie + Leather Jacket + Pleated Skirt + Trousers + Flatform Sandals
Woman wearing button-down, tie, and leather jacket



If you want to delve even further into the menswear-inspired realm, pair your tie with an oversize button-down, relaxed trousers, and a leather moto jacket. The excessive layering paired with the oversize fit of each piece will encapsulate the androgynous aesthetic.

Shop the key pieces:

We can guarantee you'll wear this for years to come. 

You'll exude cool when you style this jacket with a tie. 

Crochet Hat + Oversize Blazer + Button-Down + Tie + Plaid Miniskirt + Knee-High Boots
Woman wearing men's tie with blazer and mini skirt



Wearing ties is meant to be fun, so don't be afraid to get playful, especially with other accessories. Why not style it with a crochet hat, a beaded bag, or a plaid skirt? There are no rules. But should you need a little guidance, we just recommend throwing a few staples in the mix (e.g., a button-down or blazer) to pull the look together. 

Shop the key pieces:

Now, here's another tailored separate worth investing in. 

Cropped Button-Down + Tie + Miniskirt + Wedges
Woman wearing men's tie, cropped button-down, mini skirt and wedges



We're telling you—ties are the perfect accessory for every occasion. Workday? Yes. Night out? Also yes. To transition the "formal" staple, simply pair it with a cropped button-down, a miniskirt, and wedges for a look that deserves to be taken out on the town. 

Shop the key pieces:

This color is just *chef's kiss*.

Wait until you see the back of this top. 

Button-Down + Tie + Pleated Midi Skirt + Riding Boots
Woman wearing men's tie  with button-down and riding boot



Honestly, if you haven't gotten the appeal of ties yet, we implore you to spend at least a minute staring at the outfit above. Pieces as simple as a pair of riding boots, a sleeveless button-down, and a pleated skirt are suddenly transformed with the addition of a tie. We stan this accessory through and through. 

Shop the key pieces:

The velvet fabric lends itself to being the perfect holiday-party accessory.

Pleated skirts are a perennial favorite. 

Leather Bomber Jacket + Tie + Trousers + Belt + Boots
Woman wearing menswear tie, leather bomber jacket and trousers



We know that staples, by their inherent nature, aren't always special—especially when you're talking about popular pieces like leather bomber jackets, trousers, and button-downs. Yet styling them in unexpected ways, like with a tie, can make them feel unique. 

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These pants are beloved among our staff (and readers).

Button-Down + Tie + Plaid Skirt + Platform Loafers
Woman wearing men's tie, button-down, plaid skirt, and platform loafers



By now, you're probably over our musings about the takeover of ties, but should you need any further confirmation that the trend is wearable, then look to the outfit above. While wearing a tie may seem farfetched, our experiences, paired with the ample supply of runway and street style images, show otherwise. Much like other suiting separates, it has the ability to become a beloved staple in your wardrobe. You just have to be willing to get creative with your styling and maybe spend some time on YouTube to learn knot-tying techniques. 

Shop the key pieces:

Buy this as a gift and borrow it later. 

This button-down is the perfect base for any type of tie.