So, Everyone Is Doing This Thing With Their Basic Button-Down Shirts

Many would argue that the 1970s is the decade we derive the most fashion inspiration from ('90s coming in a close second). Denim silhouettes, platform footwear, countless patterns, and one microtrend that seems to be making a comeback 50 years later: the disco collar. Achieving this technique is simply by leaving the collar on your button-down shirt over the lapel of your blazer or jacket, creating a double-layered effect. It has roots earlier than the '70s but this is the time period it really reigned supreme. 

Lately, the fashion editor and influencer crowd have taken a liking to this retro styling trick and the result feels fresh for 2020. Rather than replicating the look precisely as it was done way back when, take a glance at the roundup of throwback and current-day interpretations below to come up with your own winning combination for the months to come.

Throwback Collars

Bianca Jagger White Suit


Syndication International/Getty Images

Bianca Jagger, The Studio 54 regular, illustrated the effectiveness of a power suit long before any of us.

Diane Keaton Printed Shirt



This throwback of Diane Keaton makes us want to run out and buy the first floral button-down shirt we can spot. 

Elvis Presley



Though the '70s were a prominent period for the collar-over-lapel look, Elvis Presley was also an advocate decades before.

Diana Ross


Fairchild Archive/Penske Media/Shutterstock

Singer Diana Ross spruced up her white suit with a button-down shirt layered on top.

2020 Collars

Proof that anything with a collar can work for this styling technique, including the of-the-moment half-zip  tops and sweaters that are having a moment.

Go for something unexpected and try this trick with a sheer button-down shirt.

Oh, joy! The layering tip works with trench coats, too.

Blazer Street Style


Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Behold the layered outfit that works perfectly for the office and after-work drinks.

Lavender Button-Down Shirt



Go for the gold and try a leather vest in place of a blazer.

Cropped Button-Down Shirt


Christian Vierig/Getty Image

The neutral blazer and slacks balance out this statement cropped shirt outfit.

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