Reddit's 5 Freezing-Office Outfit Tips "That Don't Make You Look Weird"


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Reddit isn't just a place to find funny memes and trawl through endless AMAs—it's actually a pretty useful site for practical fashion advice. Yes, we were pretty shocked too, but that was until we stumbled across an Ask Reddit thread titled "What are your 'it is freezing in my office but I can't wear a jacket or else I'll look weird' outfits?" We've all been there: The office has heating, but it's not quite getting rid of that -1° chill you feel in your bones. Or maybe you're one of those people who feel the cold all the time. Whatever your temperate predicament, you need some clear advice on how to stay warm but still look professional and not like Joey when he puts on all of Chandler's clothes in Friends.

For the best tips from Reddit, keep scrolling to find out what they all and shop the pieces we recommend.


@imadoctornotaspatula: "Thermal underwear under your pants—nice and warm. Layers upon layers."


@atrueamateur: "I wear tights under trousers unabashedly. Heck, I wear tights under tights when I wear skirts."


@oh_hi_lisa: "I have a wool shawl from (current) Banana Republic that I keep at my desk and wear over any outfit when I'm sitting down. When I'm up and about I leave it at my desk. It's super warm and a good size so I can keep it over my legs and lap as a blanket as well."


@turkishlady123456: "I've finally understood that I need to 'dress like a man,' i.e., keep my chest, wrists and ankles covered, no excuses. It was an a-ha moment for me, like why are men never cold? They never expose their ankles/wrists/chests at the office, yet women's business casual clothing always seems to be designed to do just that. So I just wrote off deep v-necks, rolled up sleeves, ankle pants and shoes that can't be worn with socks."


@vxcosmicowl: "I keep a pair of house slippers under my desk that I wear around unless I'm going to a meeting or something."

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