15 Outfits That Make a Serious Case for Wearing Trousers

When it comes to cocktail attire and special events, a dress is always a safe bet. However, "safe" after a while can lose its enchantment and become quite monotonous. One look at your go-to midi, maxi, and minidresses and you might lose all your styling mojo. That's when trousers come into your picture.

Trousers—whether wide- or straight-leg, printed, silky, or embellished—are the ideal staple to bring life once again to your cocktail ensembles. Not only they go well with all your trendy puffy-sleeved blouses and strappy heels, but you can even style your dresses over them to achieve chic layering levels and give old favorites a completely new look.

That's why, wherever you are in your styling journey, these 15 cocktail attire outfits ahead will convince you to give your trousers a well-deserved try.

We're now team trousers. How about you?