15 Outfits That Make a Serious Case for Wearing Trousers

When it comes to cocktail attire and special events, a dress is always a safe bet. However, "safe" after a while can lose its enchantment and become quite monotonous. One look at your go-to midi, maxi, and minidresses and you might lose all your styling mojo. That's when trousers come into your picture.

Trousers—whether wide- or straight-leg, printed, silky, or embellished—are the ideal staple to bring life once again to your cocktail ensembles. Not only they go well with all your trendy puffy-sleeved blouses and strappy heels, but you can even style your dresses over them to achieve chic layering levels and give old favorites a completely new look.

That's why, wherever you are in your styling journey, these 15 cocktail attire outfits ahead will convince you to give your trousers a well-deserved try.

More is more when it comes to styling your trousers.

You'll be ready to take on the night with these black trousers. 

City strolls have never looked so chic. 

Fact: Blazers are a pair of trousers' best friend. 

Channel the '70s. 

Trousers look amazing when paired with a matching top. Bonus points if they're a bold animal print. 

Bright trousers can go a long way. 

Trousers and top or a jumpsuit? Keep your friends guessing. 

Nothing beats a monochrome ensemble. 

Opt for pastel trousers to pair with your colorful top. 

Trousers pair easily with all your favorite throwback trends. 

Elevate your white button-down shirt with a pair of embellished trousers. 

Never say no to mixed prints.

You can never wear too many neutral colors. See: Exhibit A. 

All shades of pink are welcome in one outfit.

We're now team trousers. How about you? 

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