A Clueless Remake Is Coming—Here's Everything to Know

What's old is new again. We've recently learned about reboots of The Hills and Charlie's Angels and reveled in the all-female Ocean's 8 movie last summer. Now, Clueless appears to be on the docket. As Entertainment Weekly reports, Paramount Pictures is working on a remake of the cult 1995 movie that's provided fashion inspiration for over two decades—and more quotable moments than we can count. The big-screen remake is said to feature Girls Trip writer Tracy Oliver as a producer, although it's unclear how closely the remake will mirror the original film in plot or cast.

Here's hoping Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd will say yes to the gig—something tells us it won't be the same without them—but in the meantime, scroll down to revisit our favorite Clueless fashion moments.