I Primarily Shop at Sites With Fast, Free Shipping—These 6 Have the Best Stuff


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I don't know about you, but the speed at which things happen these days (thanks to the internet, mostly) has made me a bit impatient in some respects. When I find something I want to buy, I want it ASAP. And the sites that provide that immediacy have undoubtedly spoiled me. They're also the sites I keep going back to.

Fast, free delivery is something that shouldn't be taken for granted, especially during this time of soaring inflation and shipping delays. I applaud the sites that continue to make it happen, and I want to support them for that reason, and I also just want my stuff to arrive quickly.

Below, I'm putting the focus on 6 sites that I love to order from thanks to their efficiency, and what I'd buy from each right now. These retailers offer fast, free shipping no matter how little you spend. If you love any of the items too, you could have them in as little as two to three days. Music to my ears.


Shopbop gives you free 3-day shipping, which goes down to 2-day shipping if you log in with your Amazon Prime account.

Shop my Shopbop picks:

FWRD and Revolve

FRWD and Revolve have long paved the free-shipping way, offering gratis delivery in two days.

Shop my FWRD and Revolve picks:


Zappos offers free shipping for everyone and free expedited shipping for some. You're pretty certain to get free expedited shipping if you log in with an Amazon Prime account. 

Shop my Zappos picks:


Nordstrom ships very quickly, although delivery speed depends on your item and where it's coming from. It also offers guaranteed expedited shipping for a low rate.

Shop my Nordstrom picks:


L.A.-based luxury site Italist ships for free globally from Italy, so your items will arrive in two to four days. (Bonus: There are tons of designer deals to be had.)

Shop my Italist picks:


When you think of fast, free shipping, you probably already think of Net-a-Porter, and that's still the case. Expect to typically get your items within three days.

Shop my Net-a-Porter picks:

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