I Just Turned 30 and Cleaned Out My Closet—Here Are the 4 Trends I Got Rid Of


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I try not to subscribe to the idea that you should accomplish x,y, and z before you turn 30—there's just too much pressure in that. However, when it comes to my closet, I felt like my milestone birthday was a good chance to reevaluate what I spend money on and what doesn't "bring me joy," to quote Marie Kondo. Plus, the pandemic has shifted my fashion priorities in a more casual direction, so I decided to organize my wardrobe accordingly.

I realized one thing lately: What I choose to wear to run simple errands is what I should be investing in moving forward. It's not strappy heeled sandals, corporate-feeling blazers, or impractical clutches. Instead, it's slide-on-and-go mules, loose-fitting pieces, functional crossbody bags, and other similarly easy-to-wear items. Scroll down to shop the four main trends I got rid of after turning 30. 

Donated: Stiff Blazers

Replaced With: Loose-Fitting Matching Sets

As much as I love a good blazer, I can't stand the extra-stiff, structured ones that are simply not comfortable to move around in. As I get older, I want to make a conscious effort to not buy pieces solely for their looks and instead choose items for practical reasons like comfort and wearability. 

I love matching sets because they're a no-effort way to look put-together quickly. They're also super versatile because you can mix and match with other items from your closet and create a bunch of different outfits. 

Donated: Costume Jewelry

Replaced With: Carefully Considered Fine Jewelry

The pandemic has definitely made me realize how silly some of my jewelry is and how infrequently I wear it. Going forward, I'm excited to choose quality over quantity and save up for extra-special jewelry pieces that feel personal. For instance, the necklace below is made from individual pearls I received every holiday and birthday over the span of 20 years from my grandma and great-aunt. Costume jewelry could never. 


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Donated: Excessively Strappy Sandals

Replaced With: Flat Mules

Lately, my flat mules have been getting a ton of wear, so I've made the conscious decision to quit spending money on shoe trends I can't wear every day. That, however, doesn't mean they have to be boring—just look at the jewel-embellished Manolo Blahnik flats below for proof. 


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Donated: Cropped Flare Jeans

Replaced With: Full-Length Jeans

I think cropped flare jeans are outdated at this point and look a bit like you're wearing jeans that you outgrew. Instead, I am investing in full-length jeans, which feel much more grown-up and polished. Plus, I am 5'10", so basically, any cropped jeans look extra short on me. Yet I still wear them. Instead, I want to solve the problem and go for styles with long inseams. 

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