The 10 Pieces You Need to Build a Classic Wardrobe


Adam Katz/Le21éme

No matter what your age, there are some outfits that will simply never go out of style. And we’ve narrowed down the ones to invest in. Whether it’s a preppy blazer, an edgy leather jacket, ballet flats, or pointed-toe pumps, we’re looking toward the staples of our mother’s and grandmother’s style as we seek pieces to add to our own daily rotation. What’s more is that a classic outfit is one you can wear pretty much anywhere—a go-to that will always have you looking chic, no matter the dress code.

With a collection of little black dresses, silk blouses, and slim blue jeans at your disposal, anything is possible. We’re mixing in low-top sneakers and denim jackets on low-key mornings and everything from flat mules to structured handbags to make even the most casual looks seem elegant. With the help of the stylish girls below, we’re setting out to prove that classic is far from boring. And hey, if it worked for fashion icons like Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, and Jackie Kennedy, it will surely work for us.

From off-duty wears to work-appropriate looks, find the ultimate in classic outfit inspiration below—and then shop our go-to wardrobe essentials to help you make these lust-worthy looks a reality.

With the above 10 stylish items, your classic wardrobe can take you anywhere.