28 Anti-Trend Nordstrom New Arrivals People Are Losing It Over

Girl wearing a classic outfit



There's nothing wrong with trend-forward items, and Nordstrom has plenty of great ones. There is, however, something to be said for those classic never-going-out-of-style pieces that you'll still want to wear years from now. And as you probably know, Nordstrom really excels in this arena.

I recently decided to peruse the new arrivals section for the freshest offerings. There, I found a mind-blowing number of chic basics, accessories, shoes, and other timeless items that are already getting lots of love via the reviews and Nordstrom's tally of people looking at an item at any given time. These standout items have the potential to be wardrobe staples, and others clearly agree.

With that, if you have trend fatigue and are in the market for some classic pieces to balance it all out, keep scrolling to shop my Nordstrom new arrivals edit.

These quiet-luxury sunglasses are quickly selling out.

This is the perfect bodysuit, if you ask me.

This Birkenstock colorway is ridiculously pretty.

You'll wear this over and over now through September.

I prefer my baseball caps with a relaxed fit.

Another pair of classic shoes in a cool new color.

Ferragamo ballet flats are as iconic as it gets.

The wrapped detail is subtle yet effective.

This is something you'll be wearing for special occasions for years to come.

If I were the betting type, I'd put money on these selling out immediately.

Pumps are back, but did they ever really go away?

I'm not surprised that this is flying out of stock.

Something cute to wear with all of your black and white tops.

This is what I think of when I think of summer pants.

I think this sleek tank is going to be in many carts.

If you're in the market for bike shorts, people love this pair.

This will be nice to have on hand in the fall.

Trust the glowing reviews for these cool kitten heels.

You'll wear this pretty top time and again.

This post was published at an earlier date and has since been updated.