7 Chill Celebrity Outfit Ideas for When You Just Can't

This time of year, having easy outfit formulas on hand is of utmost importance. With holiday functions to attend, gifts to shop for, and seasonal travel, chances are you're lacking the time to blankly stare at your closet in search of outfit inspiration. Luckily, as of late there are plenty of easy, chill outfit ideas by way of stylish celebrities. We've had our eye on women like Victoria Beckham and Olivia Palermo this fall, and they did not disappoint in the chill outfit department.

What exactly makes an outfit "chill," you ask? Unfussy, comfortable, effortless, minimal styling comprising just a few key pieces. Tight-fitting, complicated outfits need not apply. You might go so far as to say that the chill girl is the new cool girl. Want to add some chill outfit ideas to your arsenal?

Keep scrolling to see the top seven chill celebrity outfits of fall 2016 and shop their looks for yourself.