Between Us—I'm Gifting These 16 Chic Pieces But Secretly Want Them Myself
Between Us—I'm Gifting These 16 Chic Pieces But Secretly Want Them Myself

Between Us—I'm Gifting These 16 Chic Pieces But Secretly Want Them Myself

I don't know about you, but the hardest part about holiday shopping is fighting the urge to shop for myself. It seems nearly impossible to walk out of these stores without the pieces that feel absolutely essential to my wardrobe, even if I'm shopping for somebody else. (Sorry to my friends and family reading this.)

Calvin Klein Essentials has truly been testing my self-control. The selection of luxe, high-quality basics built to last a lifetime is something that everyone in my life deserves to experience. I mean, who doesn't want clothes that they'll wear all year round? Practical, chic, and quality pieces have become a priority when building holiday lists for my loved ones, and my fellow editors agree. I tapped three editors to see what they're giving and hoping to receive this holiday season, and their picks did not disappoint. They're all a part of Calvin Klein's Essentials, a curated line full of seasonless basics. It has just about every closet staple needed for the holidays and beyond, and I won't be surprised if all of these end up in your cart before you even get a chance to decide who to buy them for. If you want to see what the hype is all about, just keep scrolling.

"The holidays this year will be spent traveling—New York, Miami, Sacramento, and Los Angeles. So truthfully, I'm doing a lot of gift giving to myself to stay stylish throughout all of the different city vibes. I have holiday parties in New York, where I'll be wearing the Soft Twill Dress (with a pair of sparkly heels, of course!), a dinner by the beach where a tank top will be a necessity thanks to the humid Miami air, and Christmas tree picking days in chilly Sacramento, where the Sateen Rib Sweater will come in quite handy. The rest? Well, yes, I may be plotting to keep them for myself, but I know my mom would look ultra stylish in the Straight Stretch Chino—so, fine, I'll wrap that up for her." — Anneliese Dominguez, senior fashion editor

"As the resident fashion person in my family and friend groups, I am everyone's go-to for style advice, especially around the holidays! Despite how coy I try to be, they always know that they will be unwrapping a stylish piece. I love denim on denim during this time of year, so I'm giving my best friend the gift of one of my favorite trends. The Original Bootcut Jeans paired with the Classic Trucker Jacket is the ultra-cool combo she'll be living in. My mom has heard me talking about stealth wealth, quiet luxury, and capsule wardrobes for months now, so it's only right that I give her the Soft Twill Relaxed Shirt and the Soft Twill Relaxed Pant to wear on her office days. Will I be borrowing all of these gifts? Absolutely. I mean, it is the season of giving, isn't it?" — Aniyah Morinia, editor

"I usually spend my holidays overseas visiting friends and family in Madrid—of course, I pack a cool-girl wardrobe to match. While Calvin Klein's heritage staples fit into my wardrobe year-round thanks to their timelessness and tried-and-true silhouettes, the brand's elevated, chic offerings in the form of straight-leg denim and crisp button-down shirts are the epitome of effortless style. While I grew up 'borrowing' (read: stealing) clothes from my older sister's closet, every time I see her toward the end of the year, she's digging through my suitcase to see what she can borrow from it. Naturally, it's only fitting that I gift her with the same uniform I'll be wearing to eat, shop, and be merry across the pond this year. Plus, as a newfound sustainable-business owner, she'll love these pieces that look and feel good while they last a lifetime in her closet." — Ana Escalante, shopping editor

"I absolutely love the holiday season (even though we never get the full winter-wonderland effect here in Southern California). I'm very much looking forward to our office holiday party, where I'll be wearing this effortless camel pantsuit. I'll be dressing it up with festive additions such as sparkly heels and statement earrings. I also can't wait to drive out to Julian, a small mountain town east of San Diego. I'll be staying in a cozy cabin, so I'll be packing Calvin Klein's Extra Fine Merino Sweater to stay chic and comfortable as I read next to the wood-burning stove. The sweater is so good that I'll be gifting one to my mom for Christmas and keeping one for myself!" — Erin Fitzpatrick, associate director, fashion news