#AddtoCart: 15 Pieces to Get You Through Halloween


Wherever you lie on the Halloween spectrum—from “I live for this holiday and will crush every single costume contest” to “Can I please disappear until November?”—you’ll have to acknowledge October 31 one way or the other. And whether you’re attending the most lavish Halloween party of the year or simply humoring family members with a little trick-or-treating, some form of a costume is usually required. If the idea of renting an outfit or visiting a Halloween store is just more than you can handle, we’ve got you covered with a handful of chic ideas using totally wearable pieces from H&M.

Shop all our favorite costume ideas below, and then sit back with a bucket of candy and wait for the festivities to begin.

Going All-Out for a Friend’s Costume Party?

When it comes to Halloween costumes, you don’t go halfway—you commit. Your friends can count on you (and your ensemble) to be the conversation starter for the evening, and the last thing you want to do is disappoint them. Choose from these statement pieces and take home the costume prize yet again.

Taking Someone Trick-or-Treating?

For you, over-the-top Halloween parties may have lost their appeal, but your little relatives still need you to show them the ropes of trick-or-treating. You’ll want a playful costume the kids will love while still being comfortable enough to walk around the neighborhood. Shop these sweatshirts, pair them with a matching bottom half if the mood strikes you, and let the candy collecting begin.

Forced to Dress Up for an Office Party?

With Halloween falling on a Tuesday this year, your office went ahead and decided to schedule some daytime festivities. Costumes are encouraged, but let’s face it: You actually have meetings to go to. Snag one of these festive pieces to strike a balance between costume and corporate.

Halloween is just around the corner. Shop these chic last-minute costume ideas—and a whole lot more—now at H&M.