"Love Your Outfit" Compliments Are Correlated to These 3 Chic Basics

Our biggest priority when putting together a “perfect outfit” is to create a look that truly leans into our own unique personal styles. Of course, an ensemble that also happens to be comfortable is a bonus—so is one that garners a compliment or two from our inner circle. On that note, during one of our recent team meetings, the convo eventually led to a shopping discussion about the fall pieces we’re all particularly loving. Interestingly enough, there were three elevated basics that received the most praise given the fact that, when paired with other chic items, they often inspire those “love your outfit” compliments.

Here, we’re talking about next-level versatile items that are simple yet fashion-forward in nature and will garner those A+ reactions. If you’re intrigued and looking to potentially add a fresh staple into your mix for the season, what’s coming your way might be of particular interest. Keep scrolling to check out the three compliment-worthy trendy basics in question, complete with styling and shopping inspiration.

1. Sweater-Vest

"I immediately fed into the sweater-vest trend and picked up this nude one and have already styled it in so many ways. My friends complimented me on how I paired it with a summer dress to transition into fall, and they added one to their carts right away. It technically counts as a basic, but I think it elevates any outfit immediately." — Yusra Siddiqui, Assistant Market Editor

2. Tailored Trousers

"Trousers are a piece that has been noticeably missing from my wardrobe, so I was on the hunt for a pair and immediately gravitated toward the slouchy, comfortable styles that have been popping up for fall. I've been living in this relaxed (but tailored) style because they make me feel a bit pulled together, even if I'm just wearing them with a simple T-shirt. And every time I put them on, I always get questions about where they're from." — Kristen Nichols, Senior Fashion Editor

3. Chic Crewneck Sweater

The best basics to earn compliments



"A simple crewneck sweater is definitely my favorite go-to basic in my closet. Whether I am throwing it around my shoulders or am tucking it into my favorite trousers, I have found that, although simple, a good sweater can really make or break your look." — Lauren Eggertsen, Senior Fashion Editor

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