The 18 Under-$100 Items Our Editors Would Buy From Amazon Right Now

It's a pretty unanimous feeling that shopping on Amazon is the most convenient thing to ever happen to us. With a handy Prime membership, almost anything you could ever want will be delivered to your door in two days or less. From beauty products to household items to clothing to office supplies, Amazon has all your needs covered.

Now, we as fashion and beauty editors tend to have tunnel vision when it comes to retailers like this and always zero-in on the best items to add to our wardrobes or medicine cabinets. Which is why I decided to poll my fellow editors and see what affordable fashion and beauty items Amazon is their go-to retailer for. From the $59 sunglasses that guarantee compliments to the $24 underwear that are virtually invisible under everything, below are the best under-$100 fashion and beauty items on Amazon right now.

The best under-$100 items on Amazon

"This bag has so many things going for it: It hits on the '90s baguette shape that's so in right now, comes in an eye-catching color, and is somehow under $100. So, yeah, I'm very into it."

"Lately, I've been noticing celebs wearing their tube socks over their leggings, so I'm buying this 10-pack of basics socks to re-create the retro look."

What fashion editors buy from Amazon

"Levi's Dad Jeans are underrated, if you ask me. I own a pair and can confirm that they're surprisingly flattering and really comfortable, despite being 100% cotton."

"The Baby Foot hype has died down, but I'm addicted for life. Once you've used it and know what's going on with the skin situation on your feet, it's hard to go back."

"I make matcha lattes at home almost every day and this is the powder I've been using lately. It has a nice rich flavor and is pretty affordable for matcha." 

The best affordable items on Amazon

"I always restock this sunscreen whenever I run out. It has a nice milky texture that's really easy to spread on my face and neck. Plus, it also has vitamins E and B5 that help keep skin soft. I know it's a tad pricey for a sunscreen, but it's been worth it for my sensitive, acne-prone skin."

"I'm pretty diligent about my skincare, but I honestly haven't experimented much with supplements to help the process. I've had my eye on this one because of great reviews, so I'm very tempted to pull the trigger. The ingredients include vitamin A, which helps keep skin firm, and vitamin C, which protects from free-radical damage."

What fashion editors buy from Amazon

"I'm all about the white-socks–and-loafers trend right now. The look feels wrong but is so right. So I'm currently stocking up on fresh white socks to make the look happen."

"You can never have too many perfect crew-neck T-shirts. I wear a black or white style basically daily, so I'm always down for a refresh."

The best fashion items on Amazon

"Ready or not, tube tops are making a huge comeback, and I'm on board. I would style this underneath suiting for a fresh take on an evening look." 

"Old-school track sneakers suddenly feel cool again, which is why I just ordered a pair of New Balances." 

What fashion editors buy on Amazon

These are hands down my favorite jeans right now. They have a 12-inc rise and wide-leg fit that feels vintage. I have these in a light-blue wash but this cream colorway is calling my name for spring. 

I've been taking Moon Juice's SuperYou for a few months now to help manage my stress levels and I feel much more balanced. Full of various adaptogen mushrooms, this blend helps improve your mood and decrease the effects stress has on your body. 

Meet my all-time favorite sunglasses. They're the perfect cat-eye style. I've seriously never gotten more compliments on a pair of frames. They're also super affordable, so taking them on vacation and everywhere else with me doesn't give me anxiety. If I lose them or break them, replacing them won't put a major dent in my wallet. 

I started taking Hum's B vitamin recently and I've noticed a significant increase in energy. It feels like I'm on my second cup of coffee without the caffeine crash. I'll be reordering these monthly moving forward.

I use these little eyebrow razors for dermaplaning at home in between facial appointments. They take all the peach fuzz off of your face so your makeup goes on smoother and looks so much better. It may sound weird, but trust me—it works.

Everyone should own a pair of these thongs because they're virtually invisible under even the thinnest of fabrics. The nude style is one of the best investments I've ever made for when I wear white dresses or silk fabrics. No VPL to see here. 

These are my favorite to lounge around the house in. Just add sweatpants and you're set for a comfy night.