Your Above-the-Mask Makeup Game Is About to Get a Serious Upgrade

Now that masks are daily accessories, I feel like I need a little something extra in my beauty routine to feel confident. My tried-and-true mascara-concealer situation just isn't cutting it anymore. I'm after that makeup look that makes my eyes pop—something that reflects the holiday season but still feels like me. So I got shopping, turning to beauty brand Chantecaille because it's important to me to give back this time of year and the philanthropically minded brand is always donating to environmental causes. The Vanishing Species Luminescent Eye Shades went straight into my cart because I knew I was looking for shimmery eye shadows, and of course, I'm going to buy the makeup collection benefitting animal conversation nonprofits.

The two newest Luminescent Eye Shades are Crane, a beautiful smokey burgundy, and Zebra, a rose gold hue. Both are perfect for creating a festive holiday look. Here, I blend the pearlescent pink Zebra shade from the corners of my eyes into the warm champagne Cheetah shade to create a golden pop all over my eyelids. The powder formula feels so silky smooth even when I add multiple layers. And since you probably noticed how great my lashes look, too, I'll share that I decided to treat myself to the brand's best-selling Faux Cils Longest Lash Mascara because I noticed it has nourishing rose oil plus growth peptides to lengthen and thicken your lashes with each wear. I've been using it since Thanksgiving, and I've genuinely noticed a difference in the length of my lashes, making me feel more confident on even my makeup-free days. And with these champagne and rose gold hues making my eyes sparkle, I seriously feel unstoppable. Want to recreate my golden glow or send a special gift to your best friend this holiday season? I've shopped out Chantecaille's best-selling makeup and skincare products below.

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