Thanks to Celebs, I'm Ordering These Cheap and Trendy Amazon Buys

As someone who constantly reports on celebrity street style, I'm pretty dialed into what my favorite A-listers are wearing from day to day—and the trends they're favoring over all the others. I'd be lying if I said that flipping through their outfits all the time didn't influence the way that I dress or the fashion items I end up adding to my cart. My outfits do, in fact, mirror celeb looks from time to time, and my digital shopping cart definitely has some affordable lookalikes to the exact items girls like Kaia, Gigi, Emily, Bella, and co. are sporting.

Lately, I've spotted these street style stars wearing a number of low-key basics that I fully plan on copying—with budget-friends alternatives, that is. I've taken to Amazon to source these cheap and trendy fashion items. Everything from EmRata-inspired baseball caps to dupes of J.Lo's favorite earring trend has ended up in my cart and, honestly, I'm so proud of my affordable trend buys that I thought it would be a shame not to share them here in case you also find yourself wanting to emulate these stylish celebs.

So without further ado, keep scrolling to see the trendy items I sourced on Amazon along with the celebrity outfits that are inspiring them.

Baseball Caps

Emily Ratajkowski affordable accessories


Elder Ordonez /

EmRata and Hailey Bieber are both making strong cases for this being the year of the baseball hat. We've seen both of them wearing the classic topper on more than one occasion. Here, Ratajkowksi topped off her date-night ensemble with a logo cap, which has us thinking it's much more than just a way to hide bad hair days.

Calf Socks

Kaia Gerber affordable shopping



On Kaia Gerber: Chanel bag; Adidas Alexander Wang sneakers

Kaia Gerber just sparked the 2020 way to wear your leggings by styling them with calf-length tube socks. We love the retro look these socks lend to her sportier, off-duty outfits and plan to re-create a version of this for our next trip to the gym.


Hailey Bieber crewneck sweatshirt


BG002/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Your nubby college sweatshirt that never sees the light of day? Yeah, it deserves an upgrade. Bieber's chic styling idea breathes new life into the basic pullover—we love the idea of wearing a blazer on top to add polish. The good news is that if your own alma matter merch is on its last legs, nabbing one of the below look-alikes couldn't be any easier.

Heavy Hoops

Jennifer Lopez hoop earrings



Thick tube hoops are a J.Lo style signature. The star is constantly wearing a pair whether she's stepping out for a day of shopping or even heading to the gym—yes, she's been spotted time and again accessorizing her legging outfits with a pair. Clearly, they're a classic addition to any outfit vibe and, like Lopez, we don't discriminate between gold or silver when it comes to the jewelry staple.

Baguette Bag

Kendall Jenner baguette bag



Kendall's obsession with retro baguette bags is real and although the model often sports designer bags, we love the below croc-effect and chain strap versions just as much.

Bella Hadid hair claw clip


Gotham/GC Images

We constantly spot Hadid wearing this '90s hair accessory, among other celebs. She loves adding the low-maintenance claw clip to cinch up her signature slicked-back tresses.


Sunglasses Chain

Gigi Hadid sunglasses chain trend


Ouzounova /

Gigi Hadid is an advocate for what we predict to be the next big "grandma" trend: sunglass chains. The cute and practical accessory adds a cool retro touch and we're here for it.

Snap Hair Clips

Selena Gomez hair clips



Selena Gomez is also a fan of throwback hair accessories. She seems to favor snap clips to pin her longer bangs back when she wears her hair in a low bun, and we happen to think they make for a stylish addition, whether or not you have bangs deal with. 

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