We Never See Celebs Wear These Once Popular Jeans Anymore


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We’ve seen quite a rise (literally, lol) in cropped denim flares over the last few seasons. For a while there, it seemed literally every fashion person embraced the trend. While the denim silhouette is still around, there's been a decline in sales across the board. And it appears celebrities are especially getting over them. After scrolling through a range of imagery over the last few months, it’s pretty evident that the best dressed actresses, models, and influencers are phasing out the once famous jeans. Instead, straight-leg cropped jeans are the style du jour.

It does make perfect sense. The silhouette is similar in nature, but the straight fit feels a bit more forward and current. To showcase this further, we rounded up A-listers in their new favorite jeans, plus shopped out inspired styles if you’re looking to add something fresh into your rotation.