The Elements of Our "New" Style: 6 Relaxed Items That Define a Modern Wardrobe

Our team has been fortunate enough to be working from home during these uncertain times. As a result, our day-to-day style has shifted slightly with a particular focus on comfort. While we recently highlighted some of those cozy yet chic outfits we’re turning to on the regular, we wanted to break down even further the key comfy elements that make up our “new” sense of style.

Here, we’re talking about staples that are more relaxed but are still trend-forward in nature to bring a current-feeling twist to our ensembles. Below, we rounded up a few images featuring those pieces that are defining our daily modern wardrobes. Think slouchy tailoring, breezy dresses, and the like. And just in case one of the items in question does catch your eye, we’re also highlighting inspired products if you’re shopping at the moment as well.


Leggings are undoubtedly one of the most comfortable pant choices out there. And while they certainly hold strong in activewear and super-casual wardrobes, that perfect pair can also be dressed up for Zoom meetings and the like with comfortable pieces like tees and oversize blazers.

Relaxed Dress

The best breezy dresses



When it’s a cute and easy look we’re going for, a breezy throw-on dress that’s simple yet features on-trend details like puff sleeves is a go-to. One and done.

For the more dressed-up vibes, slouchy blazers (or even blazer dresses) are a great option to toss on for a professional look without sacrificing comfort thanks to the loose silhouette.


The best sweatpants for women



Similar to leggings, sweatpants—either printed like this or in a neutral jogger silhouette—would definitely take the cake as a trendy yet practical (aka comfortable) staple in our modern wardrobes.


The best caridgans for women



Cardigans of all varieties (from cropped to extra-long) have been trending for a few months as a cozy, fashion-forward layering piece. Our team has been relying on chic silhouettes like this to complete our looks.

The best sweatshirts for women



A cushy pullover—particularly a forward polo or cropped style—is making the rounds in many of our weekly rotations paired with leggings, stretchy jeans, or sweatpants.