11 Outfits Perfect for a Casual Summer Date

Between the warm weather and good vibes that come with the season, summer is the perfect time to plan a date, whether it’s with your longtime beau or an exciting first date. Regardless of your relationship status, putting together the right outfit for a casual date can be more stressful than the date itself—after all, you want to dress to impress, but you also don’t want to be too formal for the occasion.

Rather than getting fully dressed only to completely change your ensemble (and potentially repeating that cycle more than necessary), we’re providing you with some sartorial inspiration. With the stress of what to wear out of the way, you can spend that extra energy getting excited about your date.

No matter what you’ve got planned, whether you’re heading out for a round of mini golf or you’re having a picnic in the park for a daytime date, these outfits will hit the right chord of chic and casual.

You’ll feel so good in these outfits that you’ll forget about all those pre-date nerves as soon as you get dressed.