Have You Noticed This Australian Fashion Editor's Style Transformation?

If you're a true street style fan, you would have been following the creative and talented Carmen Hamilton and her website Chronicles of Her. There's no denying change has been on the cards for Hamilton, with her recently updated site and her next level Instagram pics. It's proof that even the most stylish of people need a refresh and style transformation every so often to spark new life into their wardrobes. It doesn't always take hours of research or hundreds of dollars to achieve this change; we picked out three simple things you can update that will make a difference in an instant.

First, change your hair. In Hamilton's own words on a recent editor's post: "Try a fringe, a shade lighter or darker, a more 'blunt' cut, or more texture." You’re bound to feel more refreshed and elevated with a new 'do. Second, wear colour. Go bold, go all out! It's scientifically proven that colour enhances your mood, so don't be afraid to choose colour over monochrome dressing. Lastly, have fun with fashion. It's meant for exactly that, and it's hard not to love someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously. Variety is the spice of life, so wear your statement accessories and the crazy pieces that make you happy. Fun clothing makes for exciting days and interesting conversations.

Keep scrolling to see to see some of Carmen's best style moments.

Change Your Hair 

Wear Colour

Have Fun With Fashion 

Opening image: Chronicles of Her

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