6 Outfits to Get You Through the End of 2017
6 Outfits to Get You Through the End of 2017

6 Outfits to Get You Through the End of 2017

Don’t know who Carlotta Kohl is yet? You should. The German-born, New York–based artist and model has that knack for supremely cool-yet-wearable dressing, and she’s quickly becoming fashion’s newest darling. And, just like us, she’s constantly finding new sources of sartorial inspiration. “I can’t check my style off in one box; I like changing it up,” she tells us. “I’ll see something in an old magazine or film that will make me obsessed with a particular style or item.” Her style inspiration? Grace Kelly, Dolly Parton, Anna Karina–and all things Gucci.

For serial style-chameleons like Kohl, everything is a potential day-to-night piece, even show-stopping floor-length silk gowns seem totally reasonable with high-tops to pop down to the bodega. We asked this street-ready, sartorial delight to take Gucci’s resort collection and make it her own­–the only rule? Everything had to go from day-time casual to evening-ready knockout. Keep reading for the Gucci-meets-Kohl looks you’re definitely going to want to re-create.

Gucci logo tshirt

Ever really thought about how far a graphic T-shirt can take you? Kohl layered her soon-to-be-everywhere Gucci tee with a black turtleneck (the chic yet easy layering solution that works every time) and her favorite pair of jeans. “I love mixing vintage with new, so I made sure to sneak in my vintage Levi’s. Denim is so versatile—you can wear it casually, or you can dress it up.” (Hear, hear!)

gucci butterfly earrings


We’re only one outfit in, and we already have a solution to our day-to-night dressing woes. The aforementioned T-shirt? It works just as well once the sun goes down. Kohl styled the piece with a jacquard Gucci skirt to amp up the red tones, and she didn’t skimp on accessories. Her objective? Finding a statement piece that really changed her look, and these butterfly earrings more than fit the bill. “They’re whimsical yet elegant,” she explains. “I love fashion that doesn’t take itself too seriously.” We think this is the perfect look for an office party, don’t you? 

gucci long cardigan

Where daytime looks are concerned, every girl needs a go-to outfit that’s both super chic and comfortable enough to get her wherever she needs to go. Which is where Gucci’s stunning silk dress comes in: Kohl layered a sweater on top and paired it with the knit duster seen ’round the world. The clashing colors and bohemian touches in the mix make for a fashion girl–approved outfit that’ll look as great at brunch as it would for a day at the museum.

gucci fur shoes

A few simple swaps and ta-da: You get this unbelievably cool, boho-glam evening ensemble. Kohl peeled off her layers to unveil the bold multicolor Gucci dress, which she paired with aqua-blue and gold fur-trimmed flats that let the dress do most of the talking. “Gucci is like a disco fairytale,” Kohl tells us. “There’s really no easy way of describing it. It’s iconic and classic, but also so fresh and young.” The other must-have piece for the outfit’s evening transformation? An iconic Gucci bag, of course.

gucci dyonysus velvet

Let’s face it: Our outfits are often dictated by the whims of our moods. “Art is a way I express myself emotionally,” Kohl says. “I think that fashion can do the same thing. Some days I want to wear bright energetic colors and patterns; other days I just want to wear all-black.” For those darker days, layer in pieces like a silk pussybow blouse that makes a statement like this Gucci version does (notice those studs?).

Carlotta kohl gucci

“The Gucci woman is passionate in everything she does,” Kohl explains. “She is strong, confident. and not afraid to express herself.” And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call the ultimate Gucci look. The same blouse that injected a burst of color into her daytime look now acts as a statement piece to pair back with more prints. This print-on-print look is one of our favorites and a serious contender for our NYE party.

Click here to shop the rest of the resort collection for your day-to-night wardrobe; then read this story to see the Gucci trends that are keeping us up at night.

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