6 Outfits to Get You Through the End of 2017

Don’t know who Carlotta Kohl is yet? You should. The German-born, New York–based artist and model has that knack for supremely cool-yet-wearable dressing, and she’s quickly becoming fashion’s newest darling. And, just like us, she’s constantly finding new sources of sartorial inspiration. “I can’t check my style off in one box; I like changing it up,” she tells us. “I’ll see something in an old magazine or film that will make me obsessed with a particular style or item.” Her style inspiration? Grace Kelly, Dolly Parton, Anna Karina–and all things Gucci.

For serial style-chameleons like Kohl, everything is a potential day-to-night piece, even show-stopping floor-length silk gowns seem totally reasonable with high-tops to pop down to the bodega. We asked this street-ready, sartorial delight to take Gucci’s resort collection and make it her own­–the only rule? Everything had to go from day-time casual to evening-ready knockout. Keep reading for the Gucci-meets-Kohl looks you’re definitely going to want to re-create.

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