A NYC Fashion Publicist Told Me Her Best Career Advice

The Fashion Institute in Sydney, one of Australia’s most prominent fashion schools, is all about hands-on experience, and helping students get a taste for what the industry is actually like. One of its students Sydney Graystone, recently had the opportunity to intern at one of New York City’s best-known PR agencies, MODE PR, owned by Amanda Carter. Carter’s clients include cool-girl brands like Need Supply, R13 Denim, and Apiece Apart, and she has a firm grip on how to succeed in a cut-throat industry.

Graystone was lucky enough to catch up with Carter over a quick coffee, and found out her best career advice, to share with us today on Who What Wear Australia

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Sydney Graystone: Did you undertake any study to get your job position that you're in?

Amanda Carter: I majored in French and Anthropology. Anthropological studies, particularly in a cultural context is very helpful in understanding world views and communicating effectively.

SG: If you weren't doing fashion PR, what else would you be doing?

AC: I would most likely open some type of animal sanctuary to promote the well being of animals and do all I could to prevent animal abuse.

SG: What has been the best fashion show or presentation you have worked on?

AC: This is tough. Seen A LOT. I really love when its an actual SHOW and the designer puts real thought and creativity into what the event is. Yes, the clothes are important, but so is the setting, atmosphere, and tone.

SG: If you could give any advice to someone wanting to get into fashion PR, what would it be?

AC: Know that there is a lot of work involved, fashion PR is not one big party.

SG: What has been a highlight in your career so far?

AC: Growing and diversifying my business with both large and small designers.

SG: What has been a downfall in your career (if any) and did you overcome it?

AC: Clerical errors. I then have to put on my "PR clean up gloves" and go to work....

SG: As an intern, what is the best advice you could give to stand out in the fashion industry?

AC: Come in on time on the days you agreed upon, ask for projects to do, and finish the task that you start. Once that task is done, ask, "What else can I help with?". Do not leave on the dot without sending a report of what you worked on and your progress.

Opening image: Style Du Monde

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