I Like Refreshing My Wardrobe Without Buying Anything New—9 Looks to Try

In 2023, I am committed to making financially responsible decisions. Now, this is tricky for someone who loves fashion as much as I do, but some of my other loves happen to be real estate and travel, which requires me to think a bit whenever I'm making an impulse purchase. While I'm saving for long-term financial goals and experiences, I'm excited to still be looking just as chic as everyone else by making as many outfits as I can with what I already own.

Basically, I'm becoming a capsule wardrobe woman. While I'll still allow myself to shop for the items that I know I'll love for years to come or will look great for my vacation, minimizing my shopping has already paid off in my savings account. Over the past two months, I've collected a library of outfits that I can easily copy with what I already have. Below, find the looks that I've curated, and feel free to shop these items because you're guaranteed to get the cost per wear that you deserve out of them.

Sweater + Denim Jacket + Tailored Pants



This look single-handedly convinced me to buy a new denim jacket. Perhaps something oversize will be next in line for me. Effortlessly throwing a sweater right on top is an excellent plan.

Shop the look:

The perfect sweatshirt to throw over your shoulders.

Buying this RN two sizes up.

Just when I thought I didn't need a new pair of pants.

Turtleneck + Belt + Bootcut Jeans



I need a new way to wear one of the many blazers in my closet, and adding a belt on top sounds like the perfect idea. Black jeans will make the look feel instantly more casual.

It's rare to find a good blazer at the right price point these days, but I did it.

Stock up on skinny belts now. You won't regret it.

Cardigan + Trench Coat + Classic Trousers



I've been dreaming about this outfit ever since I saw it for the first time. It's timeless, elegant, and so fun. Plus, who doesn't have a tan cardigan and a trench coat? 

Shop the look:

I've never seen a cozier-looking sweater.

This time of year, I'm always after a new trench.

Off-the-Shoulder Top + Knee-Length Skirt + Lug-Sole Boots



For a more updated look that's still centered around basics, I love the idea of pairing an off-the-shoulder top with a knee-length skirt. It gives the ultimate vintage vibes.

Vintage is always a good idea when it comes to anything knee-length.

Cotton Poplin Dress + Gold Hoops + Retro Sneakers



I am already dreaming about a summer spent in cotton poplin dresses, but I love the idea of wearing one now. Adding a pair of retro sneakers gives it the cool-girl vibe that I'm after.

Shop the look:

A new pair of gold hoops never hurt anyone.

I've had a pair of Salomons on my wish list for quite some time.

Knit Vest + Miniskirt + Ballet Flats



Something about this preppy look has officially won me over. A knit vest with a T-shirt is quite chic, especially when paired with Mary-Janes. My inner child has a big smile on her face.

Shop the look:

I love this oversize moment.

These just made it straight to the top of my wish list.

Leather Jacket + Straight-Leg Jeans + Boots



Vintage-looking leather jackets are currently ruling every fashion person's wardrobe. The best part is all you need is a pair of straight-leg jeans and boots to style it with. 

Shop the look:

If you're hesitating, do it. This trend is going nowhere.

Wool Coat + Pleated Skirt + Sheer Tights



The chokehold that a pleated skirt has on me… The obsession is real. Pairing it with an oversize wool coat is second nature, especially this time of year.

The fact that this is low-rise gives it bonus points.

I'm currently adding as many sheer tights as possible to my cart.

Bomber Jacket + Wide-Leg Jeans + Converse:



Bomber jackets are another fashion-person staple that is currently viral on the internet. When you have one of these, getting dressed in the morning just gets easier. This jacket is the perfect excuse to pull out your Converse.

Shop the look: