Business Cocktail Attire That's Anything But Boring

Decoding a dress code can be a trying task, even for the most sartorially savvy. When the dress code calls for business cocktail attire, what exactly does it mean? As the name suggests, business cocktail is a balance between work-appropriate attire and a more playful party-ready spin. Hence, more modest hemlines and office-friendly fabrications (save the sequins for a different soirée) still need to be adhered to, yet you can be more adventurous than you would when suiting up for the boardroom.

Tasteful accessories (like textured kitten heels) can instantly take your business look to the cocktail end of the spectrum, and never underestimate the power of tonal dressing. While a quick search for business cocktail attire for women will round up a monotonous sequence of cap-sleeve sheath dresses, we challenge you to go beyond the business cocktail go-to and show off your style in a fashion-forward ensemble that still checks off all the boxes on the dress code. Head below for business cocktail attire inspiration that's anything but boring and shop our picks for the best selection of cocktail attire at the end. 

This story was originally published on October 29, 2017, and has since been updated.