7 Outfits That Read "Business Casual"

Before writing this story, I thought to myself, I'm going to look for the freshest, brightest, most springtime outfits that exist—within the business casual realm, that is. But then I looked outside (I live in New York) and realized that spring is a confusing time, and the reality of the situation is that in the beginning at least, spring is just winter with a little bit of sun.

So what does one wear to work during the spring when it still feels this frigid outside? Ahead, I've rounded up seven spring work outfits that air on the side of business casual while simultaneously feeling fresh enough for that new season you're craving. I know office dress codes can vary too, so I made sure to include a plethora of options. But I think a safe rule of thumb when walking that fine line that of "business casual" is to always have at least one tailored item in the mix. Whether that be trousers, a blazer, or a button-down, that polished piece is what will show your workplace that you mean business, even when you want to show off your personal style a tad more today. Between suits with sneakers, dresses with tailored coats, and much more, there is sure to be a business casual outfit idea (or two!) waiting for you here.

Office dress code or not, the outfits above are all great resources for you when you wake up and either hate everything you own or simply need a little creative help first thing in the a.m. (Don't worry—we've all been there.)