I Shopped Nordstrom's Beauty Sale on 3 Different Budgets—Here's My Haul for Each

ICYMI, Nordstrom is having an amazing sale right now. As in, all of the brands you have the dizziest beauty daydreams about (like Augustinus Bader, Byredo, and more) have special offerings at a fraction of the price. Until April 18, that is! You can get up to 60% off tons of great beauty staples, but you're going to want to move fast because A) your time to snag said deals is limited, and B) the good stuff will be gone in record time. 

I like to consider myself a personal shopper of sorts, so I thought it would be fun to give myself three different budgets—$150, $250, and $350—to shop Nordstrom's Spring Sale with, plus a few more add-ons I just couldn't resist adding at the bottom. Keep scrolling! Just ahead are the beauty products I'd recommend prioritizing first.

If you have $150, buy:


Eyelash Curler

Here's the thing. Day to day, I'm all about doing the very least. Translation: More often than not, you'll find me hunkered over my laptop with my skin moisturized, my brows combed, my lashes curled, and, if I'm feeling really frisky, I just might throw a brightening under-eye cream in there. You would not believe the difference simply curling your lashes can make, and this one form Surratt is like the Rolex of all lash curlers. Buy it while it's at least *a little* cheaper, and thank me later. 

Vitamin C–Enhanced Face Cream

Now that I told you about my ride-or-die daily beauty staples, I might as well finish outfitting my actual routine. For dewy, super-healthy-looking skin, I think you'll absolutely love Sunday Riley's skin-brightening vitamin C day cream. It's not insanely expensive in the first place, and since it's combining two important morning skincare staples (vitamin C and hydration), you're killing two birds with one stone. Plus, your skin will look so radiant you won't be able to stop staring at it. Not a bad problem to have, eh?

Eye Cream

Clinique has been a staple beauty brand in the industry since its 1968 inception, and it's no surprise that the brand frequently makes cameos in iconic TV and film moments such as Sex and the City and Legally Blonde. This do-it-all eye cream is undoubtedly one of the most beloved products in the Clinique family, and this circle- and puff-busting formula deserves a place on your vanity. 

Brow Gel

I know everyone has a different MO when it comes to their brows, but I truly believe a 10/10 brow gel is just a necessity. I'm pretty low-maintenance when it comes to my own arches, but just a couple of easy sweeps of this cult-classic formula from Benefit helps me feel more polished in a matter of seconds. It's the perfect hack for framing and defining your features on the fly. Plus, I appreciate all of the shade options, so the end result looks as natural as possible.

Lip Balm

I'm more than happy to be the person in your life to say you 100% do not need to be spending more than $10 on your lip balm. Sure, there are some wonderful fancy-schmancy formulas out there, but this affordable one from Mario Badescu (I love the rose) feels super luxe. It also comes in clear and mint, so honestly, feel free to choose all three considering the price tag.

Frizz-Smoothing Spray

Hey, look at me coming in exactly on budget to the dollar! Summer is just around the corner, and I don't plan on leaving the house without a travel-size bottle of Briogeo's yummy frizz-curbing conditioning milk in my bag. Technically, you're supposed to use it when your hair is still damp, but I also like to keep it on hand for styling my slick-backs or even rehydrating my dry ends on the sly through the course of the day. A little goes a long way, so you can go easy on your spritz, and the mini size will last you longer than you think.

If you have $250, add:


Silk Pillowcase

I know a silk pillowcase might seem like a pointless splurge, but you will understand the obsession and worthwhileness the second you join me and basically every other beauty editor and celebrity on the train. Your hair will stay healthier and smoother, as will your skin. And hey, you might as well dip your toe in (or just restock!) while you can get Slip's highly coveted model at a slightly less expensive rate!

Makeup Applicator

Sometimes (typically when I get sick of cleaning or repurchasing), I try to wean myself off of my Beautyblender. But it usually only takes one or two makeup applications using my fingers, brushes, or any other sponge to remember why I am in a completely monogamous relationship with my hot-pink little miracle. That said, I do have a rule that I only rebuy them during a sale. I honestly like to go hog wild and buy like 10 just to have on hand, but one works too. 

Face Mist

Mario Badescu's famous facial sprays are pretty budget-friendly to begin with, but I'll never get over being able to spring for my favorite formula (the green aloe, green tea, and cucumber) in the cute mini size for just $6. Again, this is another beauty must-have to keep tucked in your bag all season long. In fact, one of my favorite hacks is using it to wet my Beautyblender instead of plain old H2O!

If you have $350, add:


Dry Brush

I thought dry brushes were an overly hyped fad until I adopted the process regularly every morning pre-shower. I looked tighter and more toned without making any other changes to my diet or workout routine, and I also noticed a new, natural-looking glow all over thanks to the extra exfoliation perks. If you're new to dry brushing, just make sure you follow this protocol to maximize your benefits. 


As much as I love fragrance, deciding whether or not to splurge on a $200 fragrance always creates internal strife. Do yourself a favor and take a cult-loved scent like Byredo's Mojave Ghost for a test drive in a handy travel size before you dive headfirst into the more expensive full size. 


I don't mess around when it comes to my cleansers, and this no-fuss formula from Kiehl's has been in my rotation for years and years. It's gentle and pH-balanced and purges your skin of every last trace of makeup or grime without stripping or dehydrating it. It's truly a perfect face wash, and I especially love it when I'm traveling and my complexion likes to flare up more than usual. This stuff is the most affordable way to keep everything in check.

Have more room to spend? Shop five of my all-time favorite splurges that are also on sale right now:

I love perfumes from Malin+Goetz because they honestly smell like they could cost five times their price. This fragrance called Strawberry sparkles with a summery concoction of bergamot, mara strawberry, pink pepper, jasmine, woodland greens, cedarwood, oakmoss, musks, and orris root. It's ethereal, bright, and entirely perfect for the new season.

Paris Hilton wears MAC's iconic lipglass in the shade Prrr, and I feel like that's all the explanation you really need. Lip gloss is making a serious comeback, and this is the tube to make your signature.

Not only is this potent anti-aging serum rich in stem cells, botanical extracts, and hyaluronic acid, but it will also leave your face, neck, and chest (or anywhere else you want to apply it) positively aglow with a hint of liquid gold shimmer. I don't plan on donning a swimsuit or taking photographs without it. 

My under-eyes need every ounce of help they can get, and one of my fave guilty-pleasure beauty practices has become falling asleep with these best-selling eye patches atop my dark circles. Come morning, I look like I've had 24 hours of beauty sleep.

If you're looking for the perfect ratio of glowing coverage, sun protection, and skincare-grade ingredients (like edelweiss, honeysuckle, and green tea), look no further. You'll wonder why you've been messing around with anything else, and you'll probably want to spring for everything else Chantecaille makes.