I'm a 40-Year-Old Stylist, and This Is Where I Always Shop for My Clothes


@LuciaDebieux wears a Sea NY dress

When working as a stylist, I love to find new brands and spot fresh trends, and it's no different when it comes to shopping for my own wardrobe. Whether I'm shopping high-end, scouring the rails for vintage treats at my favourite charity shop or out pounding the pavements on our good old British high street, I can spot a hero piece a mile off. I firmly believe you should wear what makes you feel good whatever your age, there really aren't any rules when it comes to fashion. And as I've gotten older, I've become better at shopping for pieces that bring me joy, regardless of what others think—that's less time spent chasing trends and more time chasing quality. 

I've never been much of an impulse shopper (okay, maybe a little in my youth), but nowadays I'm all about finding those staples that will become repeat wardrobe offenders. I'm always on the lookout for pieces that will fit seamlessly into my wardrobe and work with my body shape so that I know I'll wear them again and again. I love to take my time creating mood boards and wish lists, editing out anything that isn't working—because, for me, it's all about the considered purchase. An easy trick to identify these pieces? I have to be able to name at least three pieces in my wardrobe that I could wear with the new purchase before I even think about adding it to my basket.

So where do I find these forever pieces, you ask? Keep scrolling and you'll find my edit of the brands I always turn to now that I'm in my 40s. From perfect trench coats I find at Arket to special jewellery at Liberty, whatever your age, I think you'll love them too. You're welcome! 

1. Ganni

2. Arket

3. Liberty

4. Sea

6. H&M


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