Need a Going-Out Look? Try These Bralette Outfits

In theory, wearing an outfit that exposes a little bit (or a whole lot) of your favorite bralette would be easy to achieve, but the reality is that putting together an outfit that balances both the sultriness of a bralette and the class level you'd like to achieve is quite difficult. Most of the time, those previously described outfits refer to a going-out look, but with a little imagination, these bralette outfits can go beyond the confines of night-out attire as well. To assist us with this challenging wardrobe discrepancy, we are turning to a handful of celebrities who know how to nail a bralette outfit better than anyone we know.

Each tip for creating the perfect bralette outfit varies depending on the It girl—Kendall Jenner tends to go for more casual bralette ensembles, while Kate Bosworth proves exposed lingerie can even be done tastefully enough for a cocktail event. Whichever way you've been looking to wear this risqué trend, we promise you'll find what you're looking for among this slew of stylish celebrity bralette outfits.

Go on to see eight different bralette outfits you can re-create with ease and to shop our favorite bralettes on the market now.