I'm Obsessed With Candles, and These Are the Coolest Ones I Own

I'm a huge candle fan, but when it comes to choosing my favorites, I always come back to classic brands, such as Diptyque and Jo Malone, that I know I can rely on for beautiful scents in chic packaging. Sure, I've dabbled in affordable candles (and discovered some seriously good ones), but candles are such an important part of my relaxing evening ritual that I rarely gamble on new ones.

However, over the last few years, I've noticed one candle brand, in particular, cropping up more regularly in my Instagram feed. The distinctive black jar with its pink label has been dotting the fireplaces of the chicest girls online. But it wasn't until beauty editors started raving about a cool, cannabis-inspired candle that had just landed from America that I sat up and took notice. The candle in question, Boy Smells' iconic Kush Candle, was most definitely trending.


(Image credit: @NURHIAN)

Founded in 2016, Boy Smells started life as a candle-making experiment in the Los Angeles home of co-founders (and IRL partners) Matthew Herman and David Kien. With a background in fashion—both design and product development—the duo set out to create essential products that consumers would want to use on a daily basis but that weren't tied to notions of gender or traditional scent expectations. And so Boy Smells was born. Trust me when I say that these are seriously good candles. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that they're the coolest ones I own.


(Image credit: @DUTCHESS_RENO)

Keep scrolling for my Boy Smells candle review. There are so many good ones.

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Mica Ricketts