Fragrance-Obsessed Editors Say These 18 Candles Set the Chicest Vibe for Winter


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At WWW, we're pros at two things: Shopping (obviously) and sniffing out the latest and greatest scents to hit the market. In case you thought our love for fragrances stopped at eau de parfums, think again. There's another category of fragrance that we absolutely lose our minds over and that's candles. No matter the season, we aim to not only smell incredible ourselves but to also have a home that's filled with the soft, alluring scent of someone who really has their shit together.

Winter, specifically, is the perfect season for this. The weather is chilly, the wind is high, and that candle collection you've been waiting to bust out will fill the room with freshness and wonder. When friends come over, they know they're in for a cozy treat. That being said, there's such an array of winter-themed candles out there that it can be tough to know which ones are actually worth adding to your arsenal. Luckily, that's what our trusty team of editors is here for. We happen to be experts in the matter and can confidently provide recs. Keep scrolling—we're sharing all our favorite winter candles that set the chicest winter vibe below.


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